Im Sama and Ratu Lily's Connection Unveiled in One Piece 1085
Im Sama and Ratu Lily's Connection Unveiled in One Piece 1085

Im Sama and Ratu Lily’s Connection Unveiled in One Piece 1085

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In the latest episode of One Piece, former Shichibukai Crocodile, who has formed a new pirate group called Cross Guild, is believed to have some insights about the true identity of Im Sama. Fans have been intrigued by who Im Sama really is, and in One Piece 1084, it was strongly suggested that Im Sama is none other than the former queen of Alabasta, Lili.

Crocodile, who used to be a pirate in Alabasta, appears to know a thing or two about Lili. He seems to have studied the history of the Alabasta kingdom, as shown during his battle against the Straw Hat Pirates in Alabasta. Crocodile had hinted that the kingdom of Alabasta has a big secret, and he even revealed the existence of a weapon of mass destruction in the same arc.

It is predicted that Crocodile will play a crucial role in uncovering Im Sama’s true identity in One Piece 1085. Nico Robin, another member of the Straw Hat Pirates and an archaeologist, is also likely to know some secrets about Alabasta.

If the secret of the Alabasta kingdom is finally revealed, then the identity of Im Sama as the leader of the World Government in One Piece will also be exposed. Moreover, the role of the Gorosei, who are believed to be the highest leaders of the World Government, will be revealed to be mere puppets of Im Sama.

It appears that Im Sama is aware of the existence of a weapon of mass destruction in Alabasta. This could be the reason why Im Sama is keeping the weapon’s secret under wraps. However, some theories suggest that Im Sama is the weapon itself.

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One Piece still has a lot of secrets in store for its fans, and the identities of its major characters have been slowly revealed over the course of the story. Nonetheless, One Piece is a global cultural phenomenon that has captured the hearts of anime enthusiasts worldwide.

One Piece tells the story of the brave pirate Monkey D. Luffy and his crew’s quest to search for the One Piece, a treasure coveted by all pirates. The manga was first published on July 22, 1997, while the anime series premiered in 1999. Since then, One Piece has become a fixture in the world of anime, breaking records and winning the hearts of its viewers.

After 25 years and 490 million copies sold worldwide, its creator, Eiichiro Oda, recently announced that One Piece would shortly enter its final arc. It should be noted that the content of this article is purely a theory and is open to interpretation. Its intention is only for entertainment purposes and does not aim to reveal the story’s contents beforehand.

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