The Strongest Pirate in the One Piece Era - Shirohige
The Strongest Pirate in the One Piece Era - Shirohige

The Strongest Pirate in the One Piece Era – Shirohige

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In the world of One Piece, many people thought that Gol D Roger, who was crowned as the King of Pirates, was the strongest pirate in his era. However, the latest facts presented by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece 1086 show that Roger was not the strongest pirate of his time. In fact, Oda indirectly confirmed that Shirohige, also known as Whitebeard, was the strongest character in his era.

It all started in One Piece chapter 697, where Law mentioned that the Yonkou had long fought against Shirohige. According to Law, the goal of their fight was to defeat Shirohige and take over his territory. However, none of the Yonkou were able to defeat Shirohige, proving his strength and dominance over his opponents.

There is even a nickname given to Shirohige that he was the man closest to the One Piece treasure. However, Shirohige’s ambition as a pirate was not solely to find One Piece. This was revealed by Big Mom in chapter 847, stating that if she were to obtain the power of Elbaf, she could become the Pirate King and defeat Shirohige.

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Nevertheless, it is not just Shirohige who was strong, but also his crew who were equally formidable. This was proven when they fought against the full force of the Marines to free Ace. It is clear that Shirohige and his crew were the strongest pirates of their time, as seen in their dominance over the Yonkou.

In conclusion, Shirohige was the strongest pirate in the One Piece era, despite the assumption that Gol D Roger was the strongest. It is interesting to see Oda’s future flashbacks of Shirohige and Roger’s adventures and how they shaped the history of the One Piece world.

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