One Piece 1086: Monkey D Garp's Death and Luffy's Anger Towards Kurohige
One Piece 1086: Monkey D Garp's Death and Luffy's Anger Towards Kurohige

One Piece 1086: Monkey D Garp’s Death and Luffy’s Anger Towards Kurohige

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Monkey D Luffy’s family has suffered a big loss as the news of Monkey D Garp’s death has been confirmed by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece 1086. Garp passed away after blocking Kurohige’s ultimate move. The death of Garp triggered Luffy’s wrath, and he decided to head towards Beehive, which is Kurohige’s stronghold. As soon as Marshall D Teach’s armada of pirates heard about Luffy’s plan, they were in turmoil. Even Kurohige seemed nervous about Luffy’s arrival.

Kurohige asked his commander, Shiryu, to come up with a strategy to ambush Luffy. Although Kurohige is known to be a fierce pirate, he gave a proper burial to Monkey D Garp. Kurohige realized that Garp was a person worthy of respect and honor in the universe of One Piece.

Meanwhile, Shiryu acted promptly after receiving the order from Kurohige. The sword expert assembled 1000 armadas under Kurohige and placed Jesus Burgess at the north door of Beehive. Shiryu himself placed 1500 armadas under Crocodile’s leadership on the west side while preparing 1200 armadas under his own leadership on the east side. On the south side, 2000 armadas were stationed under the command of Aokiji Kuzan. The south side had a significant number of elite armadas as it was the prison for prisoners. Previously, Captain Coby was also held there before he managed to escape. This well-planned strategy was made specifically to welcome Monkey D Luffy.

Kurohige was well aware of the young man’s anger, who had just lost his grandfather. After burying Garp, Kurohige continued to pace around his stronghold. The Yonkou was restless and could not sit still after receiving news of Luffy’s arrival. It will undoubtedly be exciting to see how Luffy’s arrival in Beehive unfolds in One Piece chapter 1086.
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The chronology of Garp’s death can be predicted since he decided to go to Beehive. Garp went to Kurohige’s hideout to save Coby, and Aokiji appeared suddenly, stopping Garp. In the middle of their clash, Kurohige attacked Luffy’s grandfather with a cunning move. Although Garp managed to withstand the attack, he was severely injured. Seeing Kurohige’s treachery, Aokiji left him to fight Garp alone, feeling that Kurohige’s actions were cowardly.

The fight between Garp and Kurohige turned into a brawl, and it was clear that Garp had the upper hand. The young Yonkou was unable to withstand the blows on him by Luffy’s grandfather. Kurohige was defeated mechanically by Garp. Feeling like he was losing the fight, Kurohige then used his Devil Fruit power. At this point, Garp admitted his limitations. Garp was badly beaten after receiving countless attacks from Kurohige. Age and relying solely on Haki, Garp was no match for Kurohige. In Garp’s moment of weakness, Kurohige launched his final attack on him. Garp, who was already weakened, was thrown and then vomited blood, and shortly after, passed away.

In conclusion, the death of Monkey D Garp is a significant turning point in One Piece. With the news of his grandfather’s death, Monkey D Luffy starts his journey towards Beehive to seek revenge. It remains to be seen how the story will unfold.

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