The Strongest Characters in One Piece Who Can Surpass Shanks
The Strongest Characters in One Piece Who Can Surpass Shanks

The Strongest Characters in One Piece Who Can Surpass Shanks

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When it comes to the strongest characters in the world of One Piece, Shanks is undoubtedly one of the top contenders. He is known for his unmatched Haoshoku Haki ability, among other things. Despite being undefeated, there are a few other characters who can surpass his strength and even outshine Yonko.

Garp is one of the few characters who can outdo Shanks, despite being elderly and considered weak. He is known to have the strength to create a “Galaxy Impact” technique that can overpower even Shanks’ lightning black Haoshoku Haki. Similarly, Dragon, who is a significant character in One Piece, has immense power and can defeat Shanks with his Haki abilities.

Another strong contender is Benn Beckman, who is known to be Shanks’ right-hand man and is often compared to him in terms of strength. He is even speculated to be capable of surpassing his captain’s power due to his astuteness and intelligence.

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Dracule Mihawk, Shanks’ rival, is also a powerful contender. As the strongest swordsman in the world, he has already surpassed Shanks and is a threat to anyone who opposes him. Although Shanks may hold the advantage in other areas, Mihawk has already proven his superiority in swordsmanship.

In summary, the One Piece world is full of powerful characters that can surpass even the strongest of them all – Shanks. These characters are all proficient in using Haki, and some even have the abilities of the Devil Fruit. Regardless of who wins in these character battles, one thing is for sure – the One Piece world holds a treasure trove of skilled and talented individuals.

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