Saint Jay Garcia Saturn: The First Gorosei Revealed in One Piece
Saint Jay Garcia Saturn: The First Gorosei Revealed in One Piece

Saint Jay Garcia Saturn: The First Gorosei Revealed in One Piece

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One Piece is one of the most recognized anime and manga series in the world. Eiichiro Oda has created countless characters, each with their own unique story and background. One of the most intriguing characters in One Piece is Saint Jay Garcia Saturn, the first Gorosei revealed in the series.

According to Patriot our site, Saint Jay Garcia Saturn’s name was first mentioned in the Egghead arc. He arrived on the island with Kizaru, and their mission was to eliminate Vegapunk and Luffy’s crew. Here are five facts about Saint Jay Garcia Saturn in One Piece.

1. Right-hand man to Im Sama

Saint Jay Garcia Saturn is one of the five Gorosei and is also the right-hand man to Im Sama. The Gorosei’s task is to execute Im Sama’s vision and mission. Im Sama, the highest authority figure in the World Government, holds the highest throne.

2. Manipulating information worldwide

As the highest authority in the World Government after Im, Gorosei can manipulate information worldwide in One Piece. For example, Saint Jay Garcia Saturn changed Roger’s name, which was supposed to be Gol D. Roger, to Gold Roger. Furthermore, he framed Sabo for the assassination of King Riku and spread the fake information worldwide.

3. More powerful than Admirals

In comparison to the Admirals, the Gorosei is far more powerful and authoritative. For instance, Kizaru was worried and frightened when facing Saint Jay Garcia Saturn on their journey to Egghead. Additionally, Akainu spoke politely to Saint Jay Garcia Saturn even though he is known to be harsh.

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4. A warrior

All of the Gorosei, including Saint Jay Garcia Saturn, were believed to be warriors in the past. They all carry scars on their face or body, indicating their past battles. Plus, one of the Gorosei uses the Shodai Kitetsu, one of the 12 Supreme Grade Swords in One Piece.

5. Character inspiration

Saint Jay Garcia Saturn’s name was inspired by Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead band. His appearance is similar to Giuseppe Garibaldi, a father of the Italian nation, while his last name comes from the planet Saturn.

In conclusion, Saint Jay Garcia Saturn is undoubtedly an interesting character in One Piece. His role in the World Government and his past, coupled with his unique name and appearance, are all intriguing elements that make him stand out in the series.

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