The Shocking Revelation of Nefertari's Identity in One Piece 1085
The Shocking Revelation of Nefertari's Identity in One Piece 1085

The Shocking Revelation of Nefertari’s Identity in One Piece 1085

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In the latest chapter of One Piece 1085, titled ‘Death of Nefertari Cobra,’ Oda Sensei gave fans a big surprise with the revelation of Nefertari Lily’s true identity. The conversation between Nefertari Cobra, Gorosei, and Im Sama revealed that Lily, the Queen of Alabasta 80 years ago, was actually a descendant of the D family. It turns out that the Nefertari royal family is the inheritor of the D’s will.

Nefertari Cobra, before his death, revealed to Sabo that he and Vivi were descendants of the D family. The meaning and purpose of the D family are still unclear, and it is unknown if Nefertari’s status as a descendant of the D family will affect the story. The fate of Vivi’s father, Cobra, who was killed by Im Sama using the Shadow Arrow technique, remains unknown.

Furthermore, the identity of Im Sama and their connection to Luffy and Vivi is still a mystery, and Wapol’s observation of Im Sama’s attack on Cobra and Sabo could lead to something significant. Sabo’s retelling of the events at Reverie to Dragon, who is also a member of the D family, could bring about a turning point in the story.

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The revelations in One Piece 1085 have left fans wondering what will happen next. Will there be progress in the story in One Piece 1086? The importance of Nefertari’s D lineage and the significance of the D family in the story remain to be seen. Stay tuned for more updates on One Piece.
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