Revealed! Im Sama and Gorosei in One Piece 1085
Revealed! Im Sama and Gorosei in One Piece 1085

Revealed! Im Sama and Gorosei in One Piece 1085

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Are you ready for some exciting news about One Piece 1085? In this chapter, we finally get some answers about the mysterious figures, Im Sama, and Gorosei. Although there’s still much more to uncover, Oda Sensei gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in the story.

One Piece 1085 starts with a flashback of Nefertari Cobra’s death, and it’s in this moment that he reveals he knows someone named Imu. This name seems to be the original name of Im Sama, one of the twenty founding kings of the World Government. Interestingly, Nefertari Cobra knows the name but not the face. When he tries to mention it, Im Sama attacks him with a Shadow Arrow.

Sabo is also present during the attack and is hit with the same technique. It is still a mystery whether it’s a Devil Fruit’s ability or not. Additionally, we discover that Gorosei has a Devil Fruit power; however, it’s uncertain if they have a Zoan-type fruit or if it’s their true form. This new information has raised more questions than answers, and it leaves readers itching to learn more.

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Im Sama also notices Wapol watching the attack and makes a quick escape and finds Vivi, who is captured by CP0. Before his death, Nefertari Cobra tells Sabo that he needs to inform Luffy and Vivi that Nefertari is part of the D. family.

These revelations in One Piece 1085 leave us with much to ponder and anticipate for the upcoming chapters. Stay tuned for more thrilling and mysterious adventures in the world of One Piece.

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