The Battle for the Pirate King Title in One Piece
The Battle for the Pirate King Title in One Piece

The Battle for the Pirate King Title in One Piece

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The ultimate goal of a pirate is to become the Pirate King, where they can showcase their strength and power. However, achieving this feat is not easy, as only a pirate who has obtained the treasure One Piece can be recognized with that title. In the One Piece universe, there are several characters that will likely be involved in the battle for the Pirate King title and become the successor of Gol D. Roger.

The journey to become the Pirate King is challenging, as pirates must conquer the Grand Line and reach the last island, Raftel. To get there, they must collect four road poneglyphs, which is the most challenging task. The search for One Piece will result in many battles among powerful characters who seek to become the Pirate King.

Among the potential contenders for the Pirate King title are the four Yonkou: Shanks, Kurohige, Luffy, and Buggy. Eiichiro Oda has revealed the latest abilities of three Yonkou, such as Shanks’ Advanced Haki, Luffy’s Divine Power, and two Devil Fruits of Kurohige. These characters were involved in several battles that required them to showcase their powers.

Buggy, on the other hand, has not yet shown his latest ability, and this has caused some people to doubt his strength. However, he is known for his luck and will show his arrogance by appearing with the most dangerous organization called the Cross Guild. The group contains several powerful characters such as Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in One Piece, and Crocodile, a former inmate of Impel Down prison.

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If Buggy attempts to claim the Pirate King title, he can seek the help of the organization. However, it will be difficult because his opponents are powerful characters such as Shanks, Luffy, and Kurohige. The appearance of Buggy with the Cross Guild is intriguing and draws attention to the World Government, especially the members of the Navy who begin to consider him a wanted criminal.

In conclusion, the battle for the Pirate King title in One Piece is intense and filled with surprises. The struggle to obtain One Piece will create battles among the strongest characters, and the outcome is unpredictable. Who will become the Pirate King and claim Gol D. Roger’s legacy?

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