The Powerful Pirate Crew in One Piece: Gol D Roger and His 32 Members
The Powerful Pirate Crew in One Piece: Gol D Roger and His 32 Members

The Powerful Pirate Crew in One Piece: Gol D Roger and His 32 Members

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In Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, the Pirate King Gol D Roger remains a legend to this day. He is known for his discovery of the One Piece treasure on Laugh Tale Island, earning himself the reputation as one of the most infamous pirates in history. Alongside him were 32 members in his Pirate Crew, which include some of the most iconic names in the manga.

Aside from his title as the Pirate King, Gol D Roger was also considered the conqueror of the treacherous Grand Line. His crew, as powerful as he was, braved the perilous sea, notorious for its unpredictable weather and strong-willed inhabitants. Amongst his trusted crew, his Vice-Captain was also a formidable force, boasting the ability to wield all three types of Haki.

Throughout the One Piece series, only Gol D Roger’s Pirate Crew was able to navigate and reach Raftel Island to find the One Piece treasure. This proves that they were the strongest of all Pirate Crews, and Raftel Island was their ultimate destination.

Aside from the famous members, Gol D Roger’s Pirate Crew included some additional members featured in the manga’s canon story, such as Spencer, Bluemarine, Colonel Mugren, Gankuro, Pitermoo, Fishman Sunbell, Moon Isac Jr, Ganryu, Rowing, Millet Pine, Yamon, Max Marx, Mr. Momora, Yui, Elio, Jucson Burner, CB Gallant, Nozdon, Donquino, Taro, Doringo, and Langram. Furthermore, one more member was introduced in the One Piece Non-Canon Movie, STAMPED – Douglas Bullet.

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As the strongest Pirate Crew in the One Piece world, Gol D Roger and his crew embarked on a treacherous journey to Raftel Island to find the One Piece treasure. The journey was arduous, and they had to collect four road poneglyphs to decipher the location of Raftel Island. In the end, their efforts were worth it, as they found the treasure and named the island Raftel or Laugh Tale, as it had no name before.

Gol D Roger’s Pirate Crew’s existence ended after they found the One Piece treasure. Still, they will always be remembered as one of the most infamous Pirate Crews in history, inspiring countless pirates to follow in their footsteps.

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