The Powerful and Tragic Story of Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan Anime
The Powerful and Tragic Story of Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan Anime

The Powerful and Tragic Story of Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan Anime

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Bursting with Complexity: The Story of Ymir Fritz in Attack on Titan Anime

Ymir Fritz, the first woman to wield a supernatural power called the Titan in the anime Attack on Titan, is the foundation of all Titan-related stories for almost 2000 years. Her power is god-like, worshipped and revered by her people, the Eldian.

Originally, Ymir was an ordinary human and a slave to King Karl Fritz. One day, while being pursued by Eldian forces for freeing many pigs, she ran into the forest and suddenly obtained the power of a Titan. It was the first time she transformed into one. King Fritz learned about her power and used it continuously. Ymir became a tool to magnify the glory of the Eldian empire. The king borrowed her power to build his nation and subjugate the Marley people.

As the controller of the Titan, the owner of the Titan’s power, Ymir could have refused the king’s request. However, Ymir was a woman without a will. Her entire life and will were devoted to her king. Although Karl Fritz was the King of Eldia, no matter how strong and powerful he was, Ymir had an unmatched almighty power. She could fight with her strength, even with just one blow. But the opposite happened.
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Ymir did whatever her king commanded. She had no personal desire or willingness to do anything else. She did this, not driven by love as Mikasa’s feelings towards Eren. Instead, Ymir, having a slave mentality, lacked the willingness to make choices. Even when she died physically, and her power was divided into nine, she, in the coordinate realm, continued to lend her power to the Titan, fulfilling whatever desires they have, especially the direct subjects who have royal blood.

Despite her immense power, Ymir seemed like a fickle woman who did not know what to do. She had no fundamental strength to desire, no will except for her master’s desires. In this case, Ymir Fritz is a concrete example of a powerful woman but with a slave mentality, trapped in her king’s will and a tragic figure who has never experienced true freedom.

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