The Powerful and Privileged Celestial Dragon in One Piece
The Powerful and Privileged Celestial Dragon in One Piece

The Powerful and Privileged Celestial Dragon in One Piece

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The world of One Piece is home to a group that is both feared and despised – the Celestial Dragon or the tenryuubito. They are considered as elitist and act with complete disregard for others. The Celestial Dragon is a powerful group in the One Piece world, and they are even considered as gods. The fact that they are the descendants of the 20 kingdoms that established the World Government gives them a sense of entitlement. However, their privileges can make them arrogant and abusive.

According to Terasour, there are several privileges that the Celestial Dragon enjoys in the One Piece world.

1. Wealth

The most striking privilege of the Celestial Dragon is their wealth. They are vastly different from other characters in One Piece in terms of their financial status. When they travel, they always stand out because they use oversized transportations complete with bodyguards and troops.

2. Immunity to the Law

The Celestial Dragon is known to have impunity or immunity over the law that applies to others in the One Piece world.

3. Elite Residential Area

The Celestial Dragon lives in a separate and special location that is not accessible to common people in One Piece. They don’t live in East Blue, West Blue, North Blue, or South Blue. Instead, they live above the Red Line, also known as Mary Geoise or Marijoa. This area is considered holy and the dwelling place of the gods.

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4. Access to the Navy

The Celestial Dragon also has easy access to the Navy, the military power of the World Government in One Piece. As a result, they can easily demand support from the military. For example, when Luffy defeated one of the Celestial Dragons, Kizaru suddenly appeared in Sabaody. The Navy even deployed Pacifista to respond to their request.

5. Access to Devil Fruits

Surprisingly, the Celestial Dragon has easy access to Devil Fruits. However, it remains a mystery how they got them. For example, they easily provided Gordon Sister (Boa Hancock, Marigold, and Sandersonia) with Devil Fruits when they became slaves.

These privileges are just some of the reasons why the Celestial Dragon is arrogant and abusive. Although they are powerful, they are still shrouded in mystery in the One Piece world.

In conclusion, the Celestial Dragon is a group that embodies power, wealth, and privilege in the One Piece world. While they are revered by some, they are loathed by many for their arrogance and abuses. Although they play a vital role in the story of One Piece, their air of mystery continues to intrigue many fans.

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