The History of Rocks Pirates Revealed in One Piece
The History of Rocks Pirates Revealed in One Piece

The History of Rocks Pirates Revealed in One Piece

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The Rocks Pirates are the legendary pirate crew that once dominated the One Piece universe. Their defeat shook the entire world and required the joint efforts of Monkey D Garp and Gol D Roger to overcome their might. The alliance between Garp and Roger was formed during the God Valley Incident, where the Rock Pirates were destroyed. The reason why the World Government wanted the Rock Pirates gone was that they were becoming too dominant and disrupting the balance of the One Piece universe.

The Rock Pirates were first mentioned in chapter 907 of the One Piece manga and were led by the notorious pirate captain, Rocks D Xebec. The crew was powerful and had several strong members, some of whom became Emperors in the current era after the emergence of Pirate King, Gol D Roger. Despite being a formidable crew, the Rock Pirates were disbanded after the incident, and their members scattered across the world.

The World Government intentionally covered up the history, power, and members of the Rock Pirates. Some members were never revealed due to the bad blood between the crew. The Rock Pirates were notorious for their ferocity and lack of concern for killing their own crew members, making them even more fearsome. Their strength and dominance required the World Government to mobilize a massive fleet and send several prominent figures. Even six members of the Gorosei were present during the operation, and one of them died at the hands of Big Mom and her crew.

Rocks D Xebec was the captain of the Rock Pirates and was a powerful and influential pirate who led a legendary pirate crew. Little is known about him, but fans have noted his messy hair that stands up on top of his head and the wide grin on his face, as he is an individual from the D clan. He was a cruel and ambitious person who was said to have even killed members of the World Nobles to achieve his goal of becoming the King of the World. He was more like a terrorist than a pirate, and even his own crewmates despised him.

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Members of the Rock Pirates included Ochoku, also known as Wang Zhi, who fought against Marshall D Teach at Hachinosu and lost due to Coby’s interference. He was never seen afterward, and little is known about him. John was a pirate who was confirmed dead during Thriller Bark, and he was famous for his treasure hoard. Shiki, also known as Golden Lion, was a pirate who was considered to be one of Roger’s greatest rivals and led the largest fleet in the Grand Line.

The Rock Pirates were a force to be reckoned with in the One Piece universe. Their history and power shook the world, and their defeat forever changed the course of history. Despite the World Government’s attempts to cover up their existence, their legend lives on.

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