The Natural Counter of Vegapunk's Nomi Nomi no Mi Revealed in One Piece
The Natural Counter of Vegapunk's Nomi Nomi no Mi Revealed in One Piece

The Natural Counter of Vegapunk’s Nomi Nomi no Mi Revealed in One Piece

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In the world of One Piece, devil fruits give unique abilities to those who eat them. However, sometimes these devil fruits have natural counters that can limit their effectiveness, just like Vegapunk’s Nomi Nomi no Mi.

Vegapunk, a scientist in One Piece, ate the paramecia devil fruit, Nomi Nomi no Mi, which granted him the ability to increase his brain’s capacity. The fruit also let him store unlimited information without experiencing memory loss. However, the more information he acquired, the larger his brain became. To solve this issue, Vegapunk moved his brain to a device called punk records and made an apple antenna to control it.

But did you know that there is a devil fruit that can counter the Nomi Nomi no Mi? This devil fruit is called Memo Memo no Mi, and it belongs to Charlotte Pudding, one of Bigmom’s children.

The Memo Memo no Mi is a paramecia devil fruit that can erase the memories and information of a person at will. Pudding can touch a person’s head, extract their memories as a film, and cut the parts she wants to remove. With this power, Pudding can delete the information in punk records, and it’s possible that Vegapunk’s brain will shrink as the information stored in it is erased.
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The two devil fruits have opposing abilities – the Nomi Nomi no Mi can store an unlimited amount of information, and the Memo Memo no Mi can erase any memory. Therefore, they are natural counters to each other.

In One Piece’s world, we see how devil fruits can both benefit and harm their users. Every devil fruit has an inherent weakness, and sometimes, another devil fruit can exploit that weakness and become its natural counter. In the case of Vegapunk’s Nomi Nomi no Mi, the Memo Memo no Mi is its natural counterpart that makes Vegapunk’s abilities limited.

In conclusion, One Piece’s world is full of surprises and creativity. The devil fruits in this world are unique and exciting, but they also have their natural counters. Vegapunk’s Nomi Nomi no Mi is just one example of how devil fruits can have weaknesses, and we can explore more in the vast and fantastic world of One Piece.

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