God Enel's Return in One Piece
God Enel's Return in One Piece

God Enel’s Return in One Piece

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Eiichiro Oda recently stated that it would be interesting if God Enel were to return in the One Piece story. The return of the former ruler of Skypiea has been widely discussed among One Piece fans. Based on comments from Eiichiro Oda during a Q&A session, the return of Enel to the One Piece story will soon be realized. Moreover, there are some clues that reinforce that Enel will make a comeback.

The return of this lightning character is clearly depicted in some cover stories about Enel after he was defeated by Luffy. After Luffy defeated Enel and the former ruler of Skypiea was expelled from the sky island, he appeared in several One Piece cover stories. As of chapter 1082 of One Piece, Enel’s current whereabouts are on the Moon. There, Enel managed to become the ruler of the Moon and even expelled the aliens. At the end of the cover story about Enel, it was shown that he had gathered many Automata warriors and the title indicated that he was ready to attack.

With the cover story’s existence, Enel is considered a hint that he will return to the One Piece story just like other enemies Luffy has defeated. Enel is one of the strongest opponents Luffy has ever faced. Although defeated, Eiichiro Oda has never killed a character who was Luffy’s opponent. In addition, there are several enemies of Luffy who have been reintroduced by Eiichiro Oda, such as Alvida, Buggy, and Crocodile.

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God Enel possesses powers that come from the Devil Fruit Goro Goro no Mi, which allows its user to flow electricity to everything they touch. This ability enabled Enel to dominate Skypiea Island, where his Devil Fruit was also a Type Logia that made him difficult to hurt unless by someone who can use Haki. Although Enel was once feared in Skypiea, Luffy was still able to defeat him. The main reason Luffy was able to defeat Enel was that his power is the natural enemy of the Goro Goro no Mi Devil Fruit. Moreover, Luffy managed to make his body like rubber, allowing him to withstand the electricity flowing from Enel, so Luffy could fight against the ruler of Skypiea until he won and freed the sky island’s inhabitants from Enel’s oppression.

In conclusion, the return of God Enel will add excitement to the One Piece story. Enel is a powerful opponent that Luffy has ever faced, and his reappearance will surely bring a new challenge to Luffy and his friends.

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