The Mystery of Shanks Revealed by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece - Who is Garling Figarland?
The Mystery of Shanks Revealed by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece - Who is Garling Figarland?

The Mystery of Shanks Revealed by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece – Who is Garling Figarland?

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Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the One Piece universe, has revealed an intriguing mystery that surrounds Yonkou Akagami no Shanks. The captain of the Holy Knight, Garling Figarland, was officially introduced by Eiichiro in One Piece 1086. He has a unique relationship with Akagami no Shanks, and their connection begins with their family name, Figarland.

Garling Figarland is known to have an old age and impressive strength. He has a distinctive appearance that includes a beard and hair connected to form a crescent moon. With his introduction, it was confirmed that Shanks was not the leader of the Holy Knight, but there is a special bond between the two because they belong to the same family.

According to the storyline in One Piece, Garling Figarland is the biological father of Shanks. After an incident in God Valley, Garling Figarland discarded Shanks into a chest, where Roger eventually discovered him. To know more about the captain of the Holy Knight, here are some facts about Garling Figarland:

1. Former Ruler of God Valley

Garling Figarland is revealed to be the former ruler of God Valley. The war in God Valley elevated Monkey D. Garp’s name as a hero of the Navy. After the massive battle, Garling Figarland was exiled from the land.

2. Highest Commander of the Holy Knight

Despite his advanced age, Garling Figarland was appointed as the highest commander of the Holy Knight by Im Sama. The Holy Knight is given the authority to execute the Celestial Dragons, as seen in One Piece 1086.

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3. Connection with Shanks

Garling Figarland has a special relationship with one of the Yonkou, Akagami no Shanks. Both Shanks and Garling Figarland came from a renowned noble family called Figarland. The suspicion arose that Garling might be Shanks’ father due to their ideal age difference, and because Garling was the ruler of God Valley at the time of the incident.

4. Strict Sense of Absolute Justice

Garling Figarland, unlike Shanks, upholds a strict sense of absolute justice like Akainu. It was evident when he executed Saint Donquixote Mjosgard after the Reverie. Saint Mjosgard was executed for separating the fishman race to turn them into slaves for Saint Charlos. After the execution, Garling Figarland said that those who protect trash are lower than trash.

In conclusion, the introduction of Garling Figarland in the One Piece universe has added more depth to the storyline. The revelation that Shanks’ father was a former ruler and highest commander of the Holy Knight poses a lot of interesting plot points. It also adds to the mystery and excitement of what is yet to come in the story.

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