Monkey D Dragon's Secret Revealed - One Piece's Final Saga
Monkey D Dragon's Secret Revealed - One Piece's Final Saga

Monkey D Dragon’s Secret Revealed – One Piece’s Final Saga

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Eiichiro Oda finally revealed the secret behind Monkey D Dragon’s character in his popular manga series, One Piece. In the latest development, it has been disclosed that Dragon, the father of One Piece’s protagonist Luffy, is a former Marine and the strongest rival of Akainu. The surprise revelation comes at a crucial juncture in the story, just before the Revolutionary Army is about to make its move.

Dragon has become one of the most talked-about characters in the series after he unveiled the existence of the Holy Knights in One Piece’s universe. The founder and leader of the Revolutionary Army, Dragon, had hidden his power all along, but it has now been revealed that he possesses a legendary devil fruit. According to Oda Sensei, Dragon’s devil fruit can unleash Shinigami’s power, which can trap his opponents in an illusory dimension. This type of devil fruit is extremely rare and only four exist in the One Piece universe.

The big question that arises is why Eiichiro Oda chose to reveal this critical information about Monkey D Dragon only now? According to reports, this is related to the final saga of One Piece. Given the impending attack by the Revolutionary Army on the World Government, it was the right moment to unveil the true identity of Dragon. If a war does break out, the Dragon group will be at a disadvantage since the World Government is supported by the powerful devil fruit users in the Marine. Moreover, the Gorosei and the Holy Knights remain shrouded in mystery. If we add the presence of the ‘last king’ Im Sama, then Dragon and his team face slim chances of winning.

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The only possibility, then, is that Dragon has an incredibly frightening power that only he and his close aides know of. After the revelation of his devil fruit, we got a sneak-peek into the type and strength of Shinigami that provides the devil fruit’s power. The insider leaks reveal that the fruit is of a new and rare type, with only four fruits in all of One Piece’s universe.

Dragon’s devil fruit’s power is unique, unlike any of the other devil fruits. His Shinigami can create an illusory dimension, in which the opponent is trapped. In this space, the Shinigami’s owner, Dragon, has complete control over his foe, making the latter’s strength, defense, and speed decrease by 20%. This is an overpowered ability that makes it almost impossible for any opponent to withstand, let alone triumph.

It remains to be seen how strong Dragon is and who else among his allies possess such a devil fruit. One Piece fans are eagerly waiting for the next installment of the manga series to unravel the truth behind Dragon’s character fully.

In conclusion, the revelation about Monkey D Dragon’s power has made the One Piece series more exciting and engaging. With the final saga unfolding, long-standing mysteries are getting resolved, and the story is getting more complex and intriguing. It will be exciting to witness how Dragon and his group tackle their adversaries with their newfound power.

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