The Mystery of Joy Boy: Uncovering the Cause of His Defeat by Im Sama in One Piece
The Mystery of Joy Boy: Uncovering the Cause of His Defeat by Im Sama in One Piece

The Mystery of Joy Boy: Uncovering the Cause of His Defeat by Im Sama in One Piece

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The world of One Piece is filled with mysteries and secrets, and one of the most enigmatic figures in the series is Joy Boy. In the One Piece manga, Joy Boy is often associated with Monkey D. Luffy. He is first mentioned in the Ryugu Poneglyph, read by Nico Robin in the underwater forest, and later referenced by Gaja Zunesha in Wano.

Joy Boy is often hailed as a hero of the past, but his defeat by Im Sama 900 years ago remains shrouded in mystery. It is believed that Joy Boy, who possessed the power of Dewa Nika, faced Im Sama in battle, and ultimately lost. But what led to his demise?

According to One Piece facts, Joy Boy fought Im Sama on the night of the war, which ultimately led to his defeat. Im Sama’s power, which stemmed from the Moon, made him stronger during the nighttime hours, and the aid of 20 ancient kings who betrayed the old kingdom’s ruler only made him more formidable.

The ancient kingdom consisted of 27 small states that pledged allegiance to Joy Boy, who was considered the ruler of the One Piece universe at the time. Im Sama, the eldest child of Saint Florix, the previous ruler of the old kingdom, was Joy Boy’s sibling who inherited the power of Moon God Xark.

Originally, Florix bequeathed the power of Sun God Nika to Joy Boy, which came from the Sun. However, when Joy Boy was appointed as the successor to the old kingdom, Im Sama’s envy and the Gorosei’s rebellion sparked a civil war between them.

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Twenty ancient kings joined Im Sama, while seven remaining kings stayed with Joy Boy, including Bonaris, the king of the Giant race. Despite Joy Boy’s strength, Im Sama and his allies gained the upper hand, ultimately defeating Joy Boy in battle.

It’s rumored that if Joy Boy had not fought in the 12th war on that fateful night and instead headed to Laugh Tale, his chances of success in defeating Im Sama would have been much higher. Unfortunately, Joy Boy’s power weakened at night, making him an easy target for his enemies.

Today, the Pemerintah Dunia fears the power of Dewa Nika, which currently resides in Luffy and could pose a threat to their rule. Will Luffy be able to succeed where Joy Boy failed and unite the kingdom of old once again?

Only time will tell in the world of One Piece. This article is made for entertainment purposes only and is not an official account. The truth may or may not be revealed in future chapters.

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