Kurohige's Calculated Move: Recruiting Kuzan
Kurohige's Calculated Move: Recruiting Kuzan

Kurohige’s Calculated Move: Recruiting Kuzan

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Kurohige, one of the notorious Yonko in One Piece, is known for his cunning and strength. Eiichiro Oda portrays him as a character full of calculation and always looks for opportunities and benefits before making any decisions. In his latest calculated move, Kurohige recruited Kuzan, also known as Aokiji, a former admiral of the navy.

It is interesting to note that Kurohige, who is known for his calculated moves, decided to recruit someone from the navy, which is the opposite of what pirates stand for. Besides, Kuzan could have easily betrayed Kurohige if he joined the pirate crew. However, Kurohige persuaded Kuzan to join his crew and even offered him the freedom to do whatever he desires after joining, as Eiichiro Oda shows.

Apparently, Kurohige had a bigger plan for Kuzan and took a significant risk by enlisting a former navy admiral to his pirate crew. Kurohige considered many factors, such as Kuzan’s immense power, as he was a former admiral of the navy. Kuzan’s devil fruit also allows him to freeze water, which would be beneficial for Kurohige, whose natural enemy is seawater, as he is a devil fruit user himself.

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In addition, Kuzan’s knowledge of the navy operations would be valuable to Kurohige. It is not surprising that Eiichiro Oda portrayed Kurohige sticking to his decision of recruiting Kuzan despite facing opposition from his crew. Kuzan even became the 10th commander of the pirate crew of Kurohige.


In conclusion, Kurohige’s recruitment of Kuzan is a calculated move based on various factors. Kuzan’s immense power, knowledge of the navy, and devil fruit abilities could prove useful to Kurohige, who is known to pursue his interests ruthlessly and carefully. Eiichiro Oda once again showed the strategic prowess of Kurohige, who is always looking for ways to advance his objectives.

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