The Mystery of Joy Boy in One Piece 1085 Revealed: Is Luffy the New Joy Boy?
The Mystery of Joy Boy in One Piece 1085 Revealed: Is Luffy the New Joy Boy?

The Mystery of Joy Boy in One Piece 1085 Revealed: Is Luffy the New Joy Boy?

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As One Piece 1085 approaches, fans are eagerly waiting for Eiichiro Oda to unveil the secrets surrounding the Void Century. The recent revelations about the Abad Kekosongan have left fans wondering about the mysterious character of Joy Boy. Despite being regarded as the most important historical figure, Joy Boy’s identity remains a mystery.

In the search for Joy Boy, we turn to the journey of the Straw Hat Pirates to Laughtale. After reaching the end of the Grand Line, Gol D. Roger expressed his desire to meet a specific Joy Boy. There are speculations that Roger was referring to Luffy, who is now the owner of the Nika devil fruit. The identity of Joy Boy is still unknown, but fans believe that it is not a name but rather a title given to the possessor of the Nika devil fruit.

During his battle with Kaido, Luffy awakened the power of his devil fruit and transformed into the Sun God Nika. This transformation made him powerful enough to defeat Kaido and claim the title of Yonko. However, moments before Luffy’s transformation, Zunesha warned Momonosuke about the return of Joy Boy, which signals the birth of a new Warrior of Liberation.

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The reason why Roger wanted to live in the same era as Joy Boy is because he knew about specific events that would happen 20 years into the future. He was fascinated by the events that would change the world and start a new era. Similarly, Luffy also shares the dream of starting a new era. Roger wanted to meet Joy Boy, and it is possible that he was referring to Luffy.

In conclusion, the mystery surrounding Joy Boy is slowly being unraveled as we approach One Piece 1085. The speculations and theories surrounding Joy Boy’s identity have been a topic of discussion among fans for years. Is Luffy the new Joy Boy? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, Luffy shares the same dream as Roger and Joy Boy, which is to bring about a new era.

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