Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2: Eren's Surprising Transformation
Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2: Eren's Surprising Transformation

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2: Eren’s Surprising Transformation

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The anime series Attack on Titan has left its audiences stunned with the latest episode from the Final Season Part 2. This serves as a turning point for the main protagonist Eren Yeager as he showcases a different side of himself. The previously heroic character is now portrayed as an evil and selfish antagonist. This unexpected character development is triggered by his encounter with Historia Reiss, his queen.

Eren possesses two Titan powers, the Founding Titan and the Attack Titan. These Titans have their unique abilities and challenges. The Founding Titan allows its user to manipulate memories to control the actions of the Eldians, while the Attack Titan has the power to see the future. Eren’s encounter with Historia triggers memories of his father Grisha Yeager’s atrocities towards her family. Grisha’s mission was to eliminate the Reiss family, which Eren now remembers when he touches Historia’s hand.

All Titan heirs have the ability to gain access to their predecessor’s memories. It is because of Historia’s royal blood that Eren accessed the memories of the past Attack Titan holder and his father’s actions. Eren is no longer able to see the future deliberately but only through memories.

In the episode entitled “Memories of the Future,” it becomes apparent that the Attack Titan’s current wielder cannot consciously discover the future. He can only see what is shown to him by the future possessor. Eren not only saw the slaughter of the Reiss family caused by his father but also saw his future presence.
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Eren’s presence in Grisha’s memory proved to have a significant impact. He convinced Grisha to commit the murder of the entire Reiss family to avenge his wife’s and friends’ deaths. In Grisha’s memories, his ultimate goal is to follow Eren’s wishes.

Eren’s future as a whole becomes apparent when he touches Historia’s hand. It is why he is confident in his ability to defeat Zeke despite his royal blood. The power to access memories of the past is one of the most significant abilities in Attack on Titan. And it is the reason why Eren’s transformation comes as a surprise to everyone.

In conclusion, Eren Yeager’s transformation from a heroic character into an antagonist is a result of his encounter with Historia Reiss. The memories he accessed through her triggered his father’s atrocities towards her family, leading to his transformation. The ability to access past memories is a crucial tool in Attack on Titan, and it is through this ability that Eren’s future as a whole becomes apparent. The series has taken an exciting turn, and audiences cannot wait to see what the rest of the season holds.

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