The Mystery Behind One Piece's Shanks Revealed in Chapter 1087
The Mystery Behind One Piece's Shanks Revealed in Chapter 1087

The Mystery Behind One Piece’s Shanks Revealed in Chapter 1087

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As One Piece fans eagerly waited for the next chapter, Chapter 1087 left them in awe. This chapter finally revealed a huge mystery that has been shrouding one of the Yonkos, Akagami no Shanks, for a long time. Many wondered about his power and his connection with the World Government, but little was known about his past. However, this chapter changes everything as we finally learn about Shanks’ origins.

It turns out that Shanks hails from a place so remote that even the World Government has never ventured there. This place is called Figarland, which has its own unique way of living. The people of Figarland live in groups, but they do not fight amongst themselves. They have no desire to dominate others, which makes the place unique. However, that is not to say that Figarland lacks strong individuals. Nearly 75% of Figarland’s population has incredible power, including Shanks himself.

As it turns out, Shanks has Figarland blood in his veins. His father, Garling, came from Figarland, while his mother’s identity remains unknown. During the incident at God Valley, Garling intentionally put Shanks in a box to protect him from falling into the hands of the World Government and their evil intentions. Garling knew what the Government had planned, and he couldn’t let his son fall into their hands. This is the reason why the World Government treats Shanks so differently.

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Notably, the reason is that Shanks can be dangerous. If they did not show him special treatment, he would become uncontrollable, and the government would be at risk. The mystery surrounding Shanks is finally solved, and fans can’t wait for what next chapter will bring. It remains to be seen how this new storyline will impact the current plot.

In conclusion, as One Piece fans continue to unravel new mysteries, this chapter gave us some much-needed information about one of the main characters in the series. Shanks has been a source of curiosity for fans for a long time, and this revelation will satisfy their curiosity. Although Eiichiro Oda’s series is fictional, the complexity of the plot, alongside the uniquely crafted characters, has enthralled readers for over two decades.

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