Who knows Saitama's true strength in One Punch Man?
Who knows Saitama's true strength in One Punch Man?

Who knows Saitama’s true strength in One Punch Man?

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When it comes to the hero world, One Punch Man’s Saitama stands unopposed. His powers are unmatched, and the heroes and villains of the world know it. However, not everyone is aware of the true extent of his abilities, and only a select few understand his actual strength.


Many heroes know that Saitama is significantly stronger than the average hero, but they still underestimate how vast the difference is. Hellish Blizzard, for instance, warns her sister not to anger Saitama, but she still sees him as close in power to Class S. Meanwhile, Speed-o-Sound Sonic is continually challenging Saitama despite repeatedly losing to him. Other Class S heroes like Flashy Flash and Metal Knight have seen Saitama’s abilities, but they don’t have enough data to understand his full strength or are too self-assured to believe it.

However, some characters have spent enough time with Saitama or witnessed his extraordinary abilities to acknowledge him as the strongest hero. One such hero is Bang, who saw Saitama destroy a meteor almost the size of a small town. He knew right away that Saitama was multiples stronger than him. Similarly, after fighting Saitama, Terrible Tornado, the world’s strongest active hero, acknowledged that his powers far surpassed hers.

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Even those close to Saitama, like Genos and King, understand his true strength. King, who receives praise for Saitama’s work, knows what he is capable of and relies on him when in danger. Meanwhile, Genos believes that the protagonist has no limits and is capable of defeating even God.

However, despite all this, only a handful of people know that Saitama’s strength is limitless. One such person is Zombieman, who learned from Dr. Genus about the concept of breaking one’s limits. It is unclear whether Zombieman fully understands Saitama’s power, but he might soon learn more about it.

In the end, One Punch Man’s hero and villain characters are aware that Saitama is unique and immensely powerful. Still, only a select few characters fully comprehend the extent of his strength. They understand that he is stronger than any other hero or villain in the world and that there are no limits to his power.

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