The Mystery Behind Monkey D. Garp's Actions Towards Ace in One Piece
The Mystery Behind Monkey D. Garp's Actions Towards Ace in One Piece

The Mystery Behind Monkey D. Garp’s Actions Towards Ace in One Piece

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Monkey D. Garp’s recent actions towards Koby in One Piece 1080 has left fans wondering about his previous actions towards Portgas D. Ace. In the latest episode, Garp can be seen leading an operation to rescue Koby personally, even bringing in members of the SWORD and Marine forces, indicating his strong affection towards Koby despite his past actions.

When Ace was imprisoned in Impel Down and condemned to death by the Navy, Garp was the one who prevented Luffy from saving him, and Koby also played a role in hindering Ace’s rescue. It is now evident that Garp’s actions towards Koby are not consistent with his actions towards Ace.

In Beehive, Kurohige’s stronghold, Garp showcased his fondness for Koby when he arrived personally to rescue him. He even went as far as to use his signature move, the Galaxy Impact, to ensure Koby’s safety. This is quite unusual, given that Garp chose to prevent Luffy from rescuing Ace a while back.

One may wonder why Garp acted differently towards Ace and Koby. Perhaps, his loyalty towards the Navy and his love for his children and grandchildren have clouded his judgment. It is evident that Garp hoped Luffy and Ace would become excellent Marines based on what has been shown in One Piece 571.

Ace being the son of Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, and his partner Portgas D. Rogue, makes his case quite different as the law deemed him guilty and sentenced him to death. Garp even chose to fight against his grandchildren for the sake of the Navy, which not only betrayed his promise to Roger but also his family.

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It’s not clear why Roger trusted Garp with Ace’s life and not his trusted right-hand man, Rayleigh. Nonetheless, Ace was treated as a grandchild to Garp, and he even provided him with Marine training, which adds more mystery to his behavior towards Ace.

Even though Garp’s actions towards Koby are commendable, his actions towards Ace have raised many questions. It’s unclear why he chose to execute the law and prevent Luffy from saving his beloved brother, while he went above and beyond to save Koby. This mystery will likely be explored in the upcoming episodes of One Piece.

In summary, Garp’s actions towards Koby showcased his fondness for the Navy and his love for his grandchildren, whereas his actions towards Ace remain a mystery. With One Piece being one of the most popular anime and manga series globally, fans are excited to learn more about Garp’s motives and how things will play out in the future.

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