Synopsis and Review of Satria Dewa Gatotkaca (2022) - An Action Packed Film That Introduces Indonesian Folklore to the Youth
Synopsis and Review of Satria Dewa Gatotkaca (2022) - An Action Packed Film That Introduces Indonesian Folklore to the Youth

Synopsis and Review of Satria Dewa Gatotkaca (2022) – An Action Packed Film That Introduces Indonesian Folklore to the Youth

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Satria Dewa Gatotkaca (2022), the first installment of Satria Dewa Universe, is an Indonesian classic superhero movie that is capturing the attention of the youth. Starring a talented cast of Indonesian celebrities, this film is a cultural testament to Indonesian folklore that will captivate the audience with its intriguing plot and breathtaking action scenes.


The story follows Yuda, a man who faces many hardships in life, one after another. From being fired from his job to his mother’s sudden memory loss, Yuda’s world seems to be falling apart. On top of that, his best friend, Erlangga, dies before his eyes, adding to his misery. Yuda tries to uncover the reason behind his friend’s death when his mother mentions Kurawa and Pandega, leading him to realize that the story of Pandawa and Kurawa was not just a myth but a buried history.

He discovers that Kurawa was a group of destructive creatures who were responsible for the increasing crimes and murders in the city. On the other hand, Pandawa was a heroic clan who fought to protect humanity. The Kurawa made a promise to each other during the Battle of Baratayuda that they would kill any descendant of Pandawa and rescue their comrade Aswatama.

Yuda realizes that he and his family are the targets of the Kurawa, and he must protect himself and those he loves from the clutches of his enemies. He fights against the Kurawa with the help of his friends and family and discovers that he is the titisan or reincarnation of Gatotkaca, a demigod in Indonesian mythology. The rest of the film tells the story of how Yuda finds his true identity and fulfills his duties as Gatotkaca to protect his loved ones and humanity from destruction.


Satria Dewa Gatotkaca (2022) is an excellent movie that introduces Indonesian folklore to the youth in the most thrilling way possible. Hanung Bramantyo, the director and writer of the film, has done an exceptional job of bringing the story to life, staying true to the original cultural roots while still appealing to modern audiences.

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The youthful cast, including Rizky Nazar, Yasmin Napper, Omar Daniel, Ali Fikry, and Yayan Ruhian, delivers powerful performances, bringing depth and realism to their characters. Moreover, the film’s music, both traditional and modern, accompanies the action scenes and enhances the emotions of the viewers brilliantly.

The film’s special effects and choreography are excellent, and one can see that a lot of effort has gone into making the action scenes as intense and realistic as possible. The battle scenes are a treat to watch, and the film keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

One of the most significant achievements of Satria Dewa Gatotkaca (2022) is that the film provides a vital cultural education and offers Indonesian youths, and even international audiences, an introduction to the country’s rich folklore.


Satria Dewa Gatotkaca (2022) is a compelling and entertaining superhero film that is a must-watch for fans of Indonesian folklore and is an excellent way for the youth to learn more about the country’s cultural heritage. Directed by Hanung Bramantyo and starring a talented cast, the film boasts breathtaking action scenes, excellent musical scoring, and excellent plot development.

The film is a testimony that Indonesian folklore and culture have a rich history that deserves to be preserved and celebrated. Satria Dewa Gatotkaca (2022) is a reminder that despite modernization, it is essential to keep in touch with our ancestral roots and preserve our culture for our future generations.

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