The Mysterious Theory of Twin Shanks in One Piece
The Mysterious Theory of Twin Shanks in One Piece

The Mysterious Theory of Twin Shanks in One Piece

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One Piece is one of the most popular anime and manga series of all time, with a legion of fans around the world. One of the most intriguing concepts that fans love to speculate about is the existence of twin Shanks. This theory has gained considerable popularity among One Piece fans in Japan, suggesting that Akagami no Shanks may have a twin.

According to the theory presented on Reddit forums, the existence of Shanks’ twin in One Piece is a result of the effects of the devil fruit, Toki Toki no Mi. The devil fruit enables the user to send themselves or others to the future, just like when Toki sent Momonosuke 20 years ahead. This leads to a time paradox that gives birth to Shanks’ mysterious twin.

The theory suggests that both Shanks are alive at the same time, but their destinies differ. The first Shanks becomes a pirate and goes on incredible adventures while the second twin becomes a member of the Holy Knights, as per the popular theory. Interestingly, there is some compelling evidence to support the idea of twin Shanks in One Piece.

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For instance, during his meeting with Gorosei, Shanks’ previous scar had disappeared from his face. Although it could be a drawing mistake, some fans speculate that the person who met Shanks on that occasion might have been his twin instead.

Another clue that supports the theory of twin Shanks is from his interaction with Shirohige, who stated that the scar he received from someone felt powerful when he saw Shanks’ face. This raises the possibility that the scar may have been inflicted by someone who resembled Shanks’ twin.

In conclusion, the existence of twin Shanks is a fascinating and mysterious theory in One Piece. While it may be just speculation, it is intriguing to think about the possibilities it presents. Only time will tell if Eiichiro Oda will confirm or deny the existence of Shanks’ twin in the One Piece universe.

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