The Mysterious Family of Monkey D in One Piece
The Mysterious Family of Monkey D in One Piece

The Mysterious Family of Monkey D in One Piece

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The Monkey D family in the anime One Piece is considered one of the strongest characters. The family lineage starts with Monkey D Garp as the father, Dragon as the son, and Luffy as the grandson. The relationship between Garp, Dragon, and the Monkey D lineage is shrouded in mystery, but what is clear is that Garp and Dragon share a belief in True Justice, a philosophy of freedom without rules.

The stories of Monkey D Garp and Dragon are both rich with monster-like strength, making them a force to be reckoned with in their own rights. The two generations share many similarities, including their ideologies of freedom and opposition to authority.

According to a Youtube channel called Daftar reviewTV, uploaded on July 11, 2022, the lineage and story between the two generations of Monkey D, Garp, and Dragon are fascinating. Garp, who is famous throughout the naval world, has a mysterious relationship with his son, Dragon. Despite their differences, they are both renowned for their strength, and they possess commonly held ideologies. Garp and Dragon are both capable of creating their own history through their monster-like powers.

Monkey D Garp’s origins are shrouded in mystery, as many theories exist about his past and the identity of his wife and Dragon’s mother. As a young man, Garp joined the navy, alongside Sengoku. Garp’s first son, Monkey D Dragon, was born when he was 23 years old. Dragon’s mother is still unknown and part of the mysterious lineage of Monkey D.

Garp’s life took a turn when he was in his forties. At that time, a legendary and powerful pirate group called Rocks existed, and it was composed of Shirohige, Kaido, Big Mom Siki, and others. Garp joined forces with infamous pirate Gold D Roger to defeat the group. Despite his actions, Garp never wanted to speak about the fight, which made him a hero. He had defeated the strongest captain, Rock D Xebec, a reputation that helped him become famous.

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Garp proved to be a formidable foe for Don Chinjao, a former pirate who sought to obtain treasure locked inside a block of ice. Garp’s unmatched power and speed resulted in Don Chinjao losing his head. Because of this fight, Garp gained the nickname “Gar Si Tinju.”

Even Kong, the Fleet Admiral of the navy, offered Garp the position of Admiral. Garp declined the offer because he did not want to work as a pawn to the Tenryuubito. His perspective was that the Tenryuubito, who lacked humanity, were not qualified to issue orders to him.

Garp’s beliefs and ideals make him one of the first members of the Sword Army, a shadowy organization that adheres to True Justice rather than Absolute Justice. People with superior powers, such as Garp, are likely to be involved in this organization to this day.

In summary, the Monkey D family in the anime One Piece is a fascinating and mysterious group. Garp’s past and his relationship with Dragon are still unknown. What we do know is that the family is known for their monstrous strength and ideology of freedom, making them one of the most powerful forces in the One Piece universe.

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