Sword Army - The Mysterious Organization in One Piece
Sword Army - The Mysterious Organization in One Piece

Sword Army – The Mysterious Organization in One Piece

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If you’re a One Piece fan, then you might have heard about the elusive organization known as Sword Army. This organization consists mostly of hidden members of the navy and is believed to have the goal of overthrowing the Pemerintah Dunia or World Government. According to Sword Army, the justice system should not only be absolute but also fair.

Sword Army is a middleman between justice and truth, and its members are considered exceptional individuals in terms of strength and intelligence. Though this organization appears to be unofficial, and its existence is unknown even to the World Government, it has been revealed that there are at least two known members: X Drake, a pirate, and Kobi, a member of the navy. Both figures are identity of Sword Army.

X Drake, known for being part of the new generation of pirates, is an undercover agent for the navy. Kobi, on the other hand, is a big fan of Monkey D Luffy of the Mugiwara Pirates. He provided information to Drake about Luffy, which led to Drake joining Luffy’s crew.

Monkey D Garp, Luffy’s grandfather, is also rumored to be a founding member of Sword Army. Garp never became an admiral despite his numerous recommendations from the Pemerintah Dunia. This is because he is against being directly commanded by the Tenryuubito and does not agree 100% with the navy’s ideology. He also believes that the navy has flaws, corruption and is not checked properly at Marijoa.

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In addition to Drake, Kobi, and Garp, there are five other members of Sword Army who are suspected to be stronger than the rest of the navy and are thought to hold more power than Cipher Pool. The fourth member is Fujitora, a mysterious character who is not much is known about his background. He is known for his strong dislike of the Shichibukai, which led to their disbandment.

The Sword Army is an organization that embodies true justice, not absolute justice. They believe that the world government should be fair to all, not just a select few. Though their existence is unknown to the Pemerintah Dunia, they are considered a threat that could potentially dethrone the government. The anime sees Sword Army as a perplexing and enigmatic organization, and their true motives and objectives are yet to be revealed.

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