The Laziest But Smartest Characters in Anime: Who Are They?
The Laziest But Smartest Characters in Anime: Who Are They?

The Laziest But Smartest Characters in Anime: Who Are They?

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When it comes to anime characters, laziness and intelligence can be an unusual combination. The anime world is home to various characters who possess exceptional intelligence but choose not to show it off. They’d rather lay low and avoid drawing attention to themselves. Here are six of the laziest but smartest characters in anime:

10. Osamu Dazai – Bungou Stray Dogs
Osamu Dazai may appear like a lazy office worker, lounging on his sofa all day and even contemplating suicide. He also refuses to do his assigned tasks and would even delegate his duties to others. Despite his lackadaisical work ethic, Dazai is a brilliant strategist, and his intelligence is unmatched in the entire Bungou Stray Dogs universe. When he needs to get serious, he can expertly devise plans and strategies to solve the Agency and Yokohama’s challenges.

9. Glenn Radars – Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor
Glenn Radars may not be the most conventional teacher, but he gets the job done. With his playful and childish personality, he couldn’t care less about magic or his students. However, when he sets his mind to it, he proves his students wrong and shows his impressive combat skills. Glenn is a talented fighter, and his laziness is only a facade.

8. Ikta Solork – Alderamin on the Sky
Ikta Solork is only interested in lounging with beautiful women and relaxing, living his life to the fullest. However, his carefree existence is disrupted when war breaks out, and he and his childhood friends enlist in the military. Despite his dislike for combat, he is a genius strategist. He prefers to save his energy and avoid jumping into battle, earning him the nickname “The Great Lazy General.”

7. Kei Tsukishima – Haikyuu!!
Kei Tsukishima may seem like a laidback athlete, cracking sarcastic one-liners and teasing his teammate Shoyo Hinata. However, he tries his best in every game and practice, but he still pretends to be bored with the sport. He thinks of the volleyball team as just a club, and he avoids using his full potential in fear of getting too attached to the team, like his older brother.

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6. Daiki Aomine – Kuroko’s Basketball
Daiki Aomine is a prodigy who quickly got tired of basketball due to the lack of competition. He felt superior to his teammates and opponents, leading him to stop playing altogether. He would skip training and games in favor of napping or snacking. He only returns to playing when he meets someone who can match his skills, a desire to be challenged.

5. Houtarou Oreki – Hyouka
Houtarou Oreki is an energy-conserving high school student who hates doing anything that requires effort. He solves mysteries only if it benefits him or when his close friends request his help. Houtarou possesses extraordinary deductive reasoning skills, able to deduce conclusions that no one else could see. He may be lazy, but he’s efficient and always gets the job done.

In conclusion, these five anime characters’ intelligence may not be apparent at first glance. Still, their wits and ability to think strategically are essential to their respective worlds. Even though they would prefer to lounge around and avoid work, they prove that there’s always more than meets the eye.

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