Anime Blue Lock Episode 20 Sub Indo: Isagi vs. Rin in the Fourth Round
Anime Blue Lock Episode 20 Sub Indo: Isagi vs. Rin in the Fourth Round

Anime Blue Lock Episode 20 Sub Indo: Isagi vs. Rin in the Fourth Round

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Anime Blue Lock fans are eagerly awaiting the release of episode 20 subbed in Indonesian on Sunday, February 26, 2023, at 00:00 (UTC+7). The show is widely available on various streaming platforms such as iQIYI, BStation/Bilibili, Vidio, and even Netflix. This anime adaptation is based on a manga of the same name created by Muneyuki Kaneshiro. It originally aired on TV Asahi in Japan in November 2022, and it is produced by 8Bit Studio.

The plot follows the story of Isagi, a high school football striker in Japan who failed to win a championship. Despite his confidence in his abilities, reality hits him hard, and he loses. Disappointed, he walks back home crying and regretting his loss. But, things take a surprising turn when he receives an invitation from the Japanese Football Federation to join the Blue Lock training program. This invitation is extended to 300 strikers from high schools across Japan, including Isagi.

Blue Lock’s training is intended to nurture internationally recognized strikers, and to achieve this, various strategies and training methods are employed to select the most talented young players in Japan. Everyone wants to be the star of the squad, which leads to each individual prioritizing their own goals and doing everything to eliminate their competition. Blue Lock is a system that demands strikers to be selfish and find ways to eliminate other players.

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Anime Blue Lock has already released episode 19 titled ‘The Dancing Boy’ showcasing Isagi’s victory and his team’s progression to the fourth round. In this episode, the character Bachira becomes the central focus, and Isagi’s win and drive are motivated by Bachira’s loss. Bachira is described as someone who loves football since childhood and believes that he has a monster-like figure inside of him which helps him play. However, he is often isolated by his peers due to this behavior. Eventually, Isagi understands and connects with Bachira’s unique personality and character.

In episode 20, Isagi and his team are ready to take on Rin and his teammates in the fourth round. Meanwhile, Bachira is enjoying being part of Rin’s team, and he experiences a new monster-like figure that he has never encountered before. The audience is left in suspense, wondering whether Bachira will prefer being with Isagi or Rin.

In conclusion, Anime Blue Lock episode 20 is expected to be an exciting and thrilling adventure, as the viewers will witness Isagi and Rin’s game in the fourth round.

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