The Importance of Choosing the Right Package Delivery Service and How to Track Them
The Importance of Choosing the Right Package Delivery Service and How to Track Them

The Importance of Choosing the Right Package Delivery Service and How to Track Them

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In today’s online business era, package delivery services are an essential element that cannot be separated. Terms such as package couriers and JNE tracking receipts are already familiar to us who often shop online. If in the past, only PT Pos Indonesia was well-known in this fast-mail business, there are now dozens, if not hundreds, of package delivery services available. Big names like JNE, Tiki, FedEx, DHL, and even less well-known names like Wahana, Rosalia Express, Pandu Logistic, and Rahayu are increasingly emerging. Consumers may not care about the increasing number of service providers because the more companies, the more choices for consumers. The challenge for us now is to choose a company that can provide good services.

One barometer to determine quality is the availability of facilities to track shipped items or popularly known as package tracking. Only by entering the shipping receipt number, we can know where the package is or where it is heading to. Usually, we have to visit the official site of the service provider to do the tracking. However, there are various other ways we can do it, such as using Android applications and web services. Here are some of them:

Tracking Package Status

Before discussing the Android applications and web services, it is best to understand the terms used by package delivery service providers. This is very important so that we do not make the wrong interpretation and can complain correctly in case our package is lost or not delivered to the destination.

Here are some terms used by JNE, as quoted from Some of these terms may differ from those used by other courier services, but in general, the meaning will not be far different.

Manifested: the package is at the agent and waits to be sent to the recipient city.

Received on the destination: the package has arrived in the destination city but has not been delivered to the recipient’s address yet.

Delivered: the package has arrived/received at the destination.

On transit: the delivered package is still in transit in a particular city before moving to the destination city. For example, a package from Batam will first transit in Jakarta before being sent to Bandung.

AU/Redelivery: re-delivery because it was not possible to deliver the package the day before.

BA (Bad address): the address listed is incomplete, such as missing RT/RW, subdistrict, house number, street name, etc.

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MR: miss-route, meaning that the package gets lost and is delivered to a city other than the destination city (City A package is delivered to City B).

CC (criscross): the packages are exchanged.

Closed Once Delivery Attempt/NTH: the courier came to the recipient’s address, but there was nobody there.

How to Track Your Package

The easiest way to track JNE packages is by visiting their official website at There, you will be asked to enter the JNE-specific receipt number, which is called the “JNE Airwaybill Number,” and click the “search” button. You can enter up to 20 receipt numbers at once. Furthermore, there are various Android applications and online tracking services available for your convenience.

One of the Android applications is JNE Mobile. It has a modern and user-friendly interface, making package tracking easier for users. After installing the application, you can select the My Package menu and enter the receipt number, and voila! Package status at your fingertips. In addition, this application also provides the service of ‘request pickup’, where we can arrange a package pick-up schedule from our location.

In addition to the official Android application, there are several apps developed by third-party developers such as Tracking JNE, My JNE, and Monitor JNE. They offer features not available in the official application, such as checking package status without the need for an internet connection, changing receipt numbers to QR codes for scanning, and estimating shipping costs by weight and destination.

For online tracking services, there are various websites that we can use, such as,, and Each of these web services has different features, such as package tracking from various courier services, including JNE, the ability to track multiple receipt numbers at once, and providing push notifications for package tracking updates.

In conclusion, delivering packages has become a crucial part of online business transactions. Therefore, choose a package delivery service that suits your needs, and track the progress of your packages using various methods available for the sake of security and convenience.

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