The Impact of Crossing Paths with the Shanks Crew in One Piece Anime
The Impact of Crossing Paths with the Shanks Crew in One Piece Anime

The Impact of Crossing Paths with the Shanks Crew in One Piece Anime

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The Shanks Crew in One Piece may appear to be friendly, but messing with them can have serious consequences. Several characters in One Piece have fallen victim to the ferocity of the Shanks Crew, resulting in career losses, crew losses, and even the loss of limbs and ships. Here are four characters who suffered after encountering the Shanks Crew.

1. Higuma’s Crew Decimated by Benn Beckman and Lucky Roux

Higuma, the mountain bandit, unknowingly picked a fight with a group of dangerous pirates. Although Shanks wasn’t yet a Yonko (Emperor) at the time, he was already capable of battling evenly with Mihawk. Inadvertently provoking Shanks and his crew was a reckless move for Higuma. The peak of this conflict occurred when Higuma injured Luffy, resulting in the death of one of his crew members at the hands of Lucky Roux. The rest were defeated by Benn Beckman, who needed nothing but his rifle, which he never even fired. Instead, he swung it like a bat. Higuma managed to escape the Shanks Crew but was later devoured by a sea monster.

2. Who’s-Who’s Life Ruined by the Stolen Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit

Once a CP9 agent, Who’s-Who’s career was shattered after the Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit he was guarding was stolen by the Shanks Crew. He confirmed that the Shanks Crew was responsible for the theft and held a grudge against Shanks for the incident. It remains unclear whether Shanks intentionally targeted the government ship carrying the Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit or if it was merely a coincidence.

3. Eustass Kid Loses an Arm and a Ship due to Shanks Crew Encounters

Following the time skip, Eustass Kid was left with only one arm. According to Kid himself, he lost his arm in a conflict with the Shanks Crew. Initially, Kid planned to target the Shanks Crew, but the scheme was interrupted when Kaido attacked him. Interestingly, it was later revealed that during the initial encounter with the Red Hair Pirates, Kid never even met Shanks. His arm was taken by one of Shanks’ crew members, not Shanks himself.

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Later, after leaving the Wano arc, Kid arrived in Elbaf, where Shanks was also present. When Shanks realized Kid was on the brink of causing substantial destruction, Shanks defeated Kid with a single Divine Departure attack. Kid’s ship was also partially damaged in the assault. Afterward, a combined attack from Dorry and Brogy sank Victoria Punk.

4. Killer Falls Victim to Shanks’ Attack in Chapter 1079

As Shanks prepared to strike Kid with Divine Departure, Killer attempted to protect his captain. Instead, he too was defeated. These four One Piece characters faced significant consequences after falling afoul of the Shanks Crew.

The key to dealing with Shanks is simple: don’t cause trouble for those he protects. Higuma injured Luffy and ended up losing his entire crew to the Shanks’ retaliation. Eustass Kid planned to destroy Shanks’ allied fleet, only to be defeated by Shanks himself, along with Killer.

What do you think about these encounters with the Shanks Crew in One Piece? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Additionally, check out the 6 newly revealed One Piece bounties, including Marco’s bounty amount!

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