Review and Synopsis of Wrath of the Titans Movie
Review and Synopsis of Wrath of the Titans Movie

Review and Synopsis of Wrath of the Titans Movie

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Wrath of the Titans is an action fantasy movie directed by Jonathan Liebesman and released by Warner Bros Pictures in 2012. The movie is a sequel to Clash of the Titans and stars Sam Worthington as Perseus, son of Zeus, on his second adventure.

Perseus, alongside his two companions, embarks on a journey through the underworld to rescue Zeus, who is held captive by Hades and Ares. Along the way, they must overcome various obstacles in a labyrinth full of traps to prevent Kronos from being resurrected by the two evil gods. Perseus’ inner struggle about his relationship with his father and son influences his journey.

One decade after defeating Kraken, Perseus lives a simple life with his son as a fisherman after the death of his beloved wife, Io. Zeus visits them one day and asks for Perseus’ help in thwarting Hades’ next evil plan, which is to awaken Kronos. However, Perseus refuses because he cannot leave Helius, his son.

When a volcano erupts and a chimera emerges from it, attacking the village where Perseus lives, he is forced to fight the creature, which dies from its own flames. Perseus now understands that what Zeus fears, the collapse of Tartarus’ walls, is starting to happen. He and Helius then go to the gods’ temple, which has been abandoned by humans, causing the gods to lose their power.

Suddenly, Poseidon appears in a severely wounded state, revealing that Zeus is being held captive by Hades and Ares in Tartarus to take his power to resurrect Kronos. Before he dies, Poseidon gives his spear to Perseus and asks him to find his son, Agenor, who knows Hephaestus, the god who built Tartarus.

Perseus then prepares himself, entrusting Helius to Clea, and goes to the kingdom ruled by Queen Andromeda. His aim is to free Agenor, who is the queen’s prisoner. Perseus informs the queen of what he knows, causing Andromeda to prepare her troops to be on guard on the battlefield. Together, they sail to a secret island where Hephaestus is located.

At the island, they come face to face with three giant cyclops guarding the island. After defeating one of them, they are escorted to Hephaestus. After learning about the problem, Hephaestus agrees to help by showing a secret path to Tartarus.

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At the entrance, they are confronted by Ares. However, Perseus, Andromeda, and Agenor can enter because of Hephaestus’ sacrifice. Agenor, who has the map, cannot find the way to Tartarus’ core. Perseus fights and defeats the Minotaur, and they meet again at Tartarus’ door.

Hades’ heart melts with Zeus’ apology statement. However, Ares attacks Hades before he can release Zeus, and they fight until they fall into the Tartarus abyss. Perseus saves Zeus and takes him away from there. Kronos can only be defeated by the Trium spear, a combination of Zeus’ lightning bolt, Poseidon’s trident, and Hades’ rake. Only Zeus’ lightning bolt is missing from Perseus’ hand, forcing him to challenge Ares, who possesses the lightning bolt.

Did Perseus defeat Ares? How did Andromeda’s troops block Kronos’ army from Hell? Follow their adventure until the end to discover their exciting story!

Despite a star-studded cast, Wrath of the Titans falls short in both quality and storytelling compared to its predecessor, Clash of the Titans. The movie introduces a new story not found in Greek mythology literature, with many errors in its adaptation. The film portrays Perseus’ journey to overcome Kraken, a Nordic mythical creature, instead of slaying Medusa as in the original myth. Perseus also marries Io in the end, not Andromeda, which conflicts with the literature. Moreover, Io is nine generations above Perseus and is Zeus’ mortal wife, not a goddess.

In conclusion, Wrath of the Titans is an average fantasy movie that fails to explore all the exciting elements within it. Through Perseus’ journey, the movie portrays the struggle between different kingdoms while addressing the complexity of father and son relationships. Despite its shortcomings, the film still has its moments and is worth watching for action-fantasy fans.

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