The Identity of Luffy's Mother Revealed in One Piece 1084 Spoiler!
The Identity of Luffy's Mother Revealed in One Piece 1084 Spoiler!

The Identity of Luffy’s Mother Revealed in One Piece 1084 Spoiler!

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In the world of One Piece, Luffy’s mother has been a mystery for a long time. Her identity has never been revealed, leaving fans to speculate and wonder. However, in the latest One Piece 1084 spoiler, it has been revealed that Luffy’s mother is actually a member of the Ksatria Suci, the elite force leading the World Government.

According to the spoiler, the upcoming chapter will feature a major battle between the Pasukan Revolusi and the Ksatria Suci. The leader of the Pasukan Revolusi, Monkey D. Dragon, declares war against the World Government, and eight countries under their rule join in the fight. The World Government responds by sending their elite force, the Ksatria Suci, to combat the rebellion.

It is mentioned in the spoiler that Dragon knows the identities of all the Ksatria Suci members, and it is strongly believed that Luffy’s mother is one of them too. If this is true, it will come as a shock to many fans. It is also speculated that Dragon and Luffy’s mother were once Ksatria Suci members themselves and got married after they left the organization.

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In the upcoming battle, Dragon will have to face his own wife, and it will undoubtedly be an emotionally charged moment for him. Fans are excited to see how he will handle this fight, and whether he will use his full power against Luffy’s mother.

As we eagerly await the release of One Piece 1084 from Eiichiro Oda, this spoiler has already caused waves among fans. It has opened up new questions about the Ksatria Suci and their relationship with Luffy’s mother, making the upcoming chapter all the more thrilling.

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