The Fate of Trafalgar Law in One Piece: Danger Lurks as Blackbeard Steals His Powers
The Fate of Trafalgar Law in One Piece: Danger Lurks as Blackbeard Steals His Powers

The Fate of Trafalgar Law in One Piece: Danger Lurks as Blackbeard Steals His Powers

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Trafalgar Law’s fate in One Piece seems to be hanging in the balance. After his battle with Blackbeard, the recently crowned Yonko who defeated Big Mom, Law is expected to fall. Their battle took place on an island under Blackbeard’s territory.

Interestingly, there are leaks that Blackbeard has stolen Law’s powers. In the One Piece story, Blackbeard is known for stealing powerful characters’ devil fruit abilities. Shirohige is one of the powerful characters in One Piece whose power was stolen by Blackbeard. Moreover, Blackbeard also became a villain in One Piece.

He possesses two devil fruit powers that have successfully shocked the world. Many fans predict that Blackbeard will obtain his third devil fruit ability from Trafalgar Law. In one of the photos obtained, it is known that Blackbeard has started using Law’s Room technique. The fact about the Room technique has not been confirmed by Eiichiro Oda.

But if this happens, then Blackbeard will become even more unstoppable in One Piece. Moreover, Blackbeard will become the strongest enemy that Luffy will ever face in the story. As a strong character, Blackbeard often poses a challenge. Not only that, but the Blackbeard pirate crew under his command also has a very tough commander.

Of all the Yonko in One Piece, Blackbeard represents a monster. Even Shanks, who is a subordinate of the king of pirates in One Piece, hesitated when he was about to fight Blackbeard. If Blackbeard does indeed steal Law’s Room technique, he could possibly become immortal and fight Luffy in One Piece.

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One Piece is a Japanese story that first appeared and was published in the form of a manga (comic book) on July 22, 1997. Two years later in 1999, the anime version of One Piece followed. Since then, the One Piece franchise has become a global cultural phenomenon, breaking many records and winning the hearts of anime fans.

One Piece tells the story of brave pirate Monkey D Luffy and his crew as they search for One Piece, a treasure coveted by all pirates. After 25 years and 490 million copies of his work sold worldwide, creator Eiichiro Oda announced that One Piece will enter its final chapter. Disclaimer: This One Piece discussion is theoretical and can be right or wrong. This article is made for entertainment purposes only and does not intend to preempt the story’s content.

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