Aokiji Joins Kurohige's Crew and Attacks Big Mom's Base in One Piece
Aokiji Joins Kurohige's Crew and Attacks Big Mom's Base in One Piece

Aokiji Joins Kurohige’s Crew and Attacks Big Mom’s Base in One Piece

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The One Piece fans were taken aback by the surprising news that one of the admirals, Aokiji Kuzan, had joined the pirate crew of Kurohige. This former admiral, known for his terrifying power, wasted no time in making his move. As reported by YouTube Devil No Mi, Aokiji attacked Big Mom’s base after becoming a member of Kurohige’s crew. In fact, Aokiji was accompanied by the Blackbeard pirate’s sniper, Van Aughur. Their arrival triggered a war in Big Mom’s base.

Despite Big Mom’s renowned name in the One Piece world, her defeat at the hands of Kid and Trafalgar Law has put her territory in danger. Kurohige is well aware of the potential of Big Mom’s territory. As a first test, he asked Aokiji to take over Big Mom’s area. Aokiji’s arrival at Big Mom’s base was met by several of Charlotte Linlin’s children. One of the children, Katakuri, who is responsible for Big Mom’s territory, fought against Aokiji. However, fighting against Aokiji and Van Aughur, the sharpshooter, was not easy for Katakuri. Many fans believe that Katakuri is still no match for Aokiji.

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One Piece is a Japanese story that was first published as a manga (comic book) on July 22, 1997. Two years later, in 1999, the anime version of One Piece followed. Since then, the One Piece franchise has become a global cultural phenomenon, breaking many records, and winning the hearts of anime enthusiasts around the world. One Piece tells the story of the brave pirate Monkey D. Luffy’s adventures in pursuit of One Piece, a treasure coveted by all pirates. After 25 years and 490 million copies sold worldwide, the creator, Eiichiro Oda, announced that One Piece will enter its final chapter.

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