The 7 Strongest Jutsus of Naruto Uzumaki - Revealed
The 7 Strongest Jutsus of Naruto Uzumaki - Revealed

The 7 Strongest Jutsus of Naruto Uzumaki – Revealed

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Naruto Uzumaki, the hero of the Naruto and Boruto series, is revered as the Shinobi God and World Hero. With his incredible strength, he led the Fourth Great Ninja War to a victorious end. But what are Naruto’s biggest and most powerful jutsus? Here are the seven most potent jutsus of Naruto Uzumaki:

7. Senpo Choodama Rasen Tarengan

In Sage mode, Naruto can create numerous clones, and each one uses the Choodama Rasengan – a large, powerful Rasengan – as their weapon. The technique is called Senpo Choodama Rasen Tarengan.

6. Rasenrenshuriken

In Kurama mode, Naruto wields two Rasenshuriken at the same time. This technique, named Rasenrenshuriken, is impressively powerful.

5. Bijuu-dama

With the help of Kurama – the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon – Naruto can create Bijuu-dama. A Bijuu-dama is a chakra ball that is incredibly destructive and can obliterate an entire village.

4. Bijuu Wakusei Rasenshuriken

This jutsu is created by combining Naruto’s Rasenshuriken with Bijuu-dama. Four Bijuu-damas orbit around the Rasenshuriken, resulting in an exceedingly massive explosion.

3. Chochoodama Rasengan

The Chochoodama Rasengan is even more immense than the standard Choodama Rasengan. The attack area of this technique is so vast that its effects can be seen in a large sphere on the ground.

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2. Senpo Cho Bijuu Rasenshuriken

Naruto clones himself and each of his clones becomes a Jinchuriki. They use a chakra-enhanced Rasenshuriken, making it as powerful as a Bijuu’s attack. Nine of these Rasenshurikens can be used simultaneously.

1. Rikudo Choodama Rasenshuriken

This is undoubtedly Naruto’s most potent jutsu. It is equal in power to Sasuke Uchiha’s Indra Arrow. The Rikudo Choodama Rasenshuriken requires considerable chakra and preparation. Naruto creates three clones: one collects the natural energy, while the other two fight. Once enough energy has been collected, it is transferred to the primary clone. Kurama then takes on six hands and three heads and uses the massive Rikudo Choodama Rasenshuriken.

These are the most potent and powerful jutsus of Naruto Uzumaki. Which one is your favorite?

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