Teras Gorontalo - The Tension Rises in the One Piece World
Teras Gorontalo - The Tension Rises in the One Piece World

Teras Gorontalo – The Tension Rises in the One Piece World

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The current situation in the world of One Piece is becoming more tense, especially after the top figures have entered the game. These bigwigs are from the World Government, Navy, and Pirates. Among these figures are the Gorosei, who represent the World Government, Garp and Kizaru from Navy, and the Yonkou.


The Yonkou, including Kurohige, Shanks, and the latest member Buggy, have already started to make their moves. Meanwhile, Luffy, along with his Straw Hat crew, is currently on Egghead Island. It is known that after the Onigashima war, Luffy, Law, and Kid immediately set out in different directions.

As for the Navy, two top figures, Kizaru and Garp, will be embroiled in a major battle. Kizaru is currently serving as the Admiral of the Navy and is known to be on Egghead Island with Gorosei Saturn. On the other hand, Garp has become a veteran of the Navy and is currently on Hachinosu Island to intimidate his student Coby.

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The movements of these top figures, including the Yonkou, will accelerate the arrival of the final saga earlier than predicted. The final saga will also involve the Revolutionary Army led by Dragon. The involvement of the Revolutionary Army in the final saga will undoubtedly elicit awe from One Piece fans as Luffy is set to meet his father, Dragon.

Moreover, the Yonkou will also add to the excitement of the final saga. Buggy, for instance, has recently announced his desire to become the Pirate King. Fans of One Piece are eagerly anticipating how Eiichiro Oda will make the final saga more exciting and engaging for them.

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