One Piece Chapter 1083 Spoilers Revealed: The Truth of That Day
One Piece Chapter 1083 Spoilers Revealed: The Truth of That Day

One Piece Chapter 1083 Spoilers Revealed: The Truth of That Day

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The highly anticipated One Piece Chapter 1083 spoilers have been leaked, and it is titled “The Truth of That Day.” As per the spoilers, the former Shichibukai, Donquixote Doflamingo, will be featured on the cover of this chapter.

The chapter will begin where the previous chapter (1082) left off, where Sabo revealed everything to Dragon and Ivankov about what happened during the Reverie. In One Piece 1083, it is believed that Sabo will discuss everything that happened at the Reverie, and readers will be given a flashback.

The information disclosed in the upcoming chapter will include the details of the eight kingdoms that stood up to the World Government due to what happened in the Lulusia Kingdom. The eight kingdoms refused to pay taxes to the World Government, leading the Government to send the Knights of the Holy Land to handle them. It is mentioned that there were nine Knights of the Holy Land in total.

Sabo, Karasu, Morley, and Lindbergh engaged in a battle with Admiral Aramaki (Ryokugyu) and Fujitora (Isshu). In the midst of the battle, Karasu shot a crow at Isshu, while Morely was able to stab Aramaki.

CP0, the organization that works for the World Government, also interfered in the battle that involved Nefertari Vivi. According to Sabo, the main mission was accomplished with their ability to declare war against the World Government directly by burning the World Government flag, and even Bartholomew Kuma was freed.

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Dragon stated that the real war against the World Government has begun because of the actions taken by the Knights of the Holy Land. The Revolution Army has taken its first step in the war by destroying a supply ship heading to Mariejoa.

Readers will also see a newspaper article showing news about the death of King Nefertari Cobra of the Kingdom of Arabasta, with Sabo as the primary suspect. Furthermore, readers will see King Nefertari Cobra prepare to meet with the Gorosei. Before leaving, he asks Pill and Chaka, the guards of the Kingdom of Arabasta, to look after his daughter, Princess Nefertari Vivi.

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