Teras Gorontalo Reveals Shocking Secret about Nefertari Family in One Piece
Teras Gorontalo Reveals Shocking Secret about Nefertari Family in One Piece

Teras Gorontalo Reveals Shocking Secret about Nefertari Family in One Piece

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As the world of One Piece continues to unravel, Teras our site has recently revealed a shocking secret about the Nefertari family. It was discovered that Nefertari, the mother of Yonko Buggy, is the younger sister of Ratu Lily and a member of the D clan. The revelation came after the contents of a letter from Ratu Nefertari Lily were found, stating that her younger sister, Nefertari Lorena, had joined the alliance of 20 kingdoms. Lorena is also known to be the mother of Buggy, making Nefertari Vivi his niece.

The news shook the world of One Piece as they discovered that there were more connections between the characters than they could have ever imagined. Prior to this revelation, Nefertari Cobra had met with Gorosei to inquire about the fate of Ratu Lily, who had left behind a letter that held the secret of the D clan. The letter revealed that Ratu Lily had a younger sister named Lorena, who was the mother of Buggy. After the Nefertari family was labeled as traitors, Lorena sent her descendant Buggy to Joy Boy, the then ruler of the world.

The purpose of Lorena was to prove her regret for going against her older sister’s authority and joining the alliance of 20 kingdoms. However, the child never reached Joy Boy and was lost at sea when the ship’s carrier was killed by a mysterious figure. Nonetheless, the child survived and was found by ‘Pirate King’ Gol D Roger. It was mentioned in chapter 966 that Shanks and Buggy had been part of the Roger crew for a long time.

Roger and Rayleigh also mentioned that they had not held or interacted with a baby in a long time when they met Hiyori and Momonosuke. This gave a clue that there was once a baby on Roger’s ship. Roger met Buggy on Lodestar Island, as mentioned in Kozuki Oden’s flashback, when Roger visited Lodestar Island around 13 years ago. This means that exactly 39 years ago, Roger arrived at Lodestar Island, and Buggy was found then.

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Recognizable, Nefertari family members have blue sky hair, indicating that there is a genetic characteristic passed down from generation to generation. With the revelation that Buggy is from the Nefertari family, it is now known that the Yonko has blood ties with Vivi. Looking back, Eiichiro Oda’s decision to make Buggy a Yonko seems to be related to his lineage. Among the current four Yonkos, only Buggy and Shanks are not of the D clan. The main story of One Piece states that Buggy and Shanks are two babies whom Shanks found while on Lodestar Island.

As the plot twist in One Piece unfolds, the mysteries of the story are gradually being revealed, giving fans something to look forward to. With the Nefertari family’s lineage being exposed, it is highly probable that the Akagami no Shanks family’s lineage will also be revealed. The parents or ancestors of Shanks may have also been involved in past events, making for an intriguing possibility.

In conclusion, the world of One Piece is becoming more complex as family lineages are revealed, and fans are excited to see what other secrets will unfold. It is important to note that while some of the articles may be theories and entertainment, there is no intention of altering or changing the original story by Eiichiro Oda.

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