Vinsmoke Sanji vs Gorosei Saturn: Epic Showdown in One Piece 1085
Vinsmoke Sanji vs Gorosei Saturn: Epic Showdown in One Piece 1085

Vinsmoke Sanji vs Gorosei Saturn: Epic Showdown in One Piece 1085

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Vinsmoke Sanji vs Gorosei Saturn: Epic Showdown in One Piece 1085

In One Piece 1085, the legendary manga creator Eiichiro Oda once again presents an epic moment as Vinsmoke Sanji shines brightly in a solo showdown against Gorosei Saturn and 7000 Navy forces that have landed on Egghead Island. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into this explosive chapter and explore the theories and rumors surrounding it.

As expected from Oda Sensei, the action in One Piece 1085 is non-stop and thrilling. The powerful Vinsmoke Sanji, one of the trio of monster SHP, takes on Admiral Kizaru in a blazing duel that leaves the latter defeated. The fight begins with the arrival of Gorosei Saturn and Jaygarcia Saturn, an admiral, on Egghead Island. They are accompanied by a fleet of ships carrying 9000 Navy forces, including three vice admirals. Their mission: to destroy the island on the orders of Im Sama.

Facing overwhelming odds, Sanji steps up to challenge both Saturn and Kizaru alone. The two villains are surprised by Sanji’s fearless attitude and decide to face him in a duel. As the battle rages on, Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe technique boosts his power, enabling him to unleash fire from his legs. The flames are hotter than magma and change color from red to blue and ultimately to black as Sanji reaches his full potential.

But the action doesn’t stop there; Oda also treats fans to an exciting glimpse of the events at Elbaf. Here, Shanks successfully retrieves a Poneglyph from Kid and deciphers its contents, leading him to the depths of the island, where he discovers Joy Boy’s tomb. Inside, he finds clues to a shocking revelation: the root cause of the void century that led to the war between Im Sama and Joy Boy.

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While One Piece 1085 is filled with action and intrigue, many fans are left wondering why Oda decided to “buff” Sanji in this chapter. Some theories suggest that Sanji’s potential as both a koki and a Lunarian is the reason for his increased power. Meanwhile, others believe that Oda is building towards a huge reveal about Sanji’s past and the role he will play in the final battle against Im Sama.

Whatever the reason, One Piece 1085 is a chapter that fans won’t soon forget. The epic showdown between Sanji and Gorosei Saturn, accompanied by Kizaru, is a must-watch for any manga lover. So if you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on One Piece 1085 and join the adventure!

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