Teras Gorontalo: Buggy's Ambition Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1082
Teras Gorontalo: Buggy's Ambition Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1082

Teras Gorontalo: Buggy’s Ambition Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1082

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In the latest One Piece manga chapter 1082, titled “The Clown,” Buggy’s ambition is finally revealed. The notorious pirate, known as the “Clown,” wants to become the king of the pirates. This revelation comes in a panel where Buggy invites Crocodile and Mihawk to join him in a treasure hunt for the coveted One Piece.

Crocodile, who previously expressed intentions of building a utopian military nation, wants to gather more power to achieve his goal. Mihawk advises him to do so, but Buggy opposes Crocodile’s plan, stating that it is not something a true pirate would do.

Buggy’s words during the conversation also give us a glimpse of his past. The panel shows a flashback where Buggy had a disagreement with Shanks, one of the four emperors and the captain of the Red Hair Pirates. Shanks offered him an invitation to join his crew, but Buggy refused, hoping that Shanks would become another Roger.

Back to the present, Buggy shares with Crocodile and Mihawk that Shanks is currently chasing the One Piece, which excites him even more to find the treasure and become the king of the pirates himself.

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Mihawk asks if they should fight Luffy, Shanks, and Blackbeard based on Buggy’s orders, to which Buggy replies that they only need to obtain the One Piece and don’t have to defeat the three powerful pirates themselves.

This new revelation about Buggy’s ambition adds another layer to his character, making him a more complex and interesting figure in the One Piece universe. What will happen next in this ongoing treasure hunt? One can only imagine.

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