Synopsis of Student of the Year (2012) Film
Synopsis of Student of the Year (2012) Film

Synopsis of Student of the Year (2012) Film

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Student of the Year is a 2012 film directed and written by Karan Johar. The movie revolves around a group of students at St. Teresa High School who compete for the Student of the Year trophy. However, the competition is not just about proving themselves academically; it also involves a fierce romantic rivalry between Rohan and Abhi. This film marked the grand debut for Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt, and Varun Dhawan. Despite criticisms of their performances, the movie was a box office success, earning a fantastic revenue. In fact, it was successful enough to lead to a sequel in 2019.


The movie opens with a group of St. Teresa High School students gathering in a hospital waiting room to visit their former headmaster, Yogendra Vashisht. Their reunion prompts them to recall their school days. Some laughter ensues as they remember some silly incidents, while others remain silent. The atmosphere becomes increasingly tense when Abhi (played by Sidharth Malhotra) and his wife Shanaya (Alia Bhatt) meet Rohan (Varun Dhawan) again. Everyone knows that Abhi and Rohan were once best friends but fell out a long time ago.

Flashback to their school days. At St. Teresa, Rohan and Shanaya were a famous couple, while Abhi was known as the charming transfer student who caught the attention of many girls. Despite the initial rivalry, Abhi and Rohan eventually became close friends. They confided in each other about their respective life struggles, such as Abhi enduring insults from his uncle who labeled him as a jinx, and Rohan feeling oppressed as his father belittled his aspirations to be a musician. They encouraged each other and believed that their future would be brighter than their present.

Meanwhile, Shanaya is constantly preoccupied with her rivalry with Tanya Israni (Sana Saeed), whom she competed with not just on looks and fashion but also Rohan’s affection. Shanaya was incensed when Rohan openly flirted with Tanya at Rohan’s brother’s wedding. To win Rohan’s attention back, Shanaya asked Abhi for help in making him jealous. Abhi foolishly agreed and even told Shanaya to change her personality to win back Rohan’s heart.
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Their proximity ultimately led to forbidden love, which destroyed Rohan and Abhi’s relationship. One day, Rohan caught Shanaya and Abhi kissing despite still dating Shanaya at the time. Rohan was furious, calling Abhi a jinx who had killed his own parents and grandparents. Enraged, Abhi retaliated by mocking Rohan, calling him useless to his father.

Their feud continues as they compete fiercely for the Student of The Year trophy to prove themselves as the best. Their competition causes Shanaya to become exhausted and unwilling to participate any further. Additionally, Shanaya is left feeling alone; her best friend had betrayed her, and she cannot pick sides without hurting either one of them. Eventually, Shanaya confesses her long-held love for Abhi but does not want their relationship to ruin Abhi and Rohan’s friendship.


Student of the Year is a film that captures the highs and lows of high school life. It portrays the struggles of adolescence and the complex relationships between teenagers. The movie succeeds in balancing humor, romance, and drama, creating an enjoyable viewing experience. The cast’s dynamic performances and the director’s style made Student of the Year a hit with audiences. The movie serves as a reminder that high school may be over, but it never leaves our memories.

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