Easy Ways to Relieve Breast Pain During Breastfeeding
Easy Ways to Relieve Breast Pain During Breastfeeding

Easy Ways to Relieve Breast Pain During Breastfeeding

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Many new mothers experience breast pain while nursing their infants. Ignoring this pain can have negative effects on their body as it can lead to further discomfort. To prevent such occurrences, it is important to know the effective ways to relieve breast pain during breastfeeding. Here are some easy ways that can be practiced:

1. Empty the breasts

It is crucial to frequently empty the breasts of any milk to avoid discomfort. Failure to do so can lead to swelling in the breasts, making the condition worse. Moreover, emptying the breast increases the production of quality milk.

2. Positioning

The positioning of the baby while breastfeeding is very important. If the position is uncomfortable, the process will not be smooth and can result in more breast pain. To avoid this, make sure to place the baby’s chin to the breast and make sure the baby’s lips are folded outward.

3. Avoid forcing breastfeeding

Breastfeeding with sore breasts can increase the pain instead of providing relief. Forcing breastfeeding can cause additional discomfort and may worsen the pain. Therefore, it is important to avoid putting too much pressure on the breasts.


4. Nipple shield

Nipple shields are made of silicone and are very effective at providing relief from sore nipples. They offer a protective barrier that can prevent further damage to the nipples. However, it should be noted that the use of nipple shield should not be too frequent.

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5. Apply ASI

Another effective solution to alleviate soreness is applying ASI (breast milk) onto the nipple. Just make sure to clean hands before applying the ASI to avoid infection. After applying, let it dry and avoid wiping off. This will enable the nipple to heal better and induce faster relief.

6. Warm compress

A warm compress, such as a hot towel, can provide instant relief from breast pain. The warmth from the compress soothes the nerves in the breasts, thus reducing the pain. This is especially helpful after a feeding session.

In summary, breast pain during breastfeeding is common among new mothers. But, it is important to note that it is not normal to experience extreme pain. By taking necessary precautions, the pain can be manageable while enjoying the benefits of breastfeeding.

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