Synopsis of Only Mine: A Thriller Drama Movie
Synopsis of Only Mine: A Thriller Drama Movie

Synopsis of Only Mine: A Thriller Drama Movie

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Only Mine is a 2019 American thriller and drama movie directed by Michael Civille. The storyline revolves around Julie, played by Amber Midthunder, who starts a romantic relationship with a new police officer in town, David Barragan, played by Brett Zimmerman. However, things soon take a turn for the worse when Julie realizes that David’s good looks and charms are just a façade for a dark and possessive persona.

The movie opens in a small town where Julie lives and works as a café waitress while waiting for her college admission. One day, Julie is stopped by Officer David Barragan, who is new to the town, for speeding. The two hit it off, and David visits Julie at the café and her home. As their relationship deepens, David’s true colors begin to emerge. He becomes possessive, jealous, and controlling of Julie, constantly monitoring her movements and accusing her of infidelity.

Despite David’s abusive behavior, Julie stays with him, hoping that he would change. Things go from bad to worse when David starts harassing and threatening Julie’s colleague and friend, Tomas. When Julie seeks Chief Dood’s help, David threatens her life with a sharp object, forcing Julie to seek refuge at Alicia’s place, who happens to be David’s ex-girlfriend.

On her way back home, Julie’s car is hit by David’s car, and she ends up being taken hostage by David to a deserted hillside area. There, David forces Julie to marry him, but she manages to escape into a nearby forest. However, David chases her and shoots her multiple times, leaving her for dead.

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The rest of the movie follows Julie’s road to recovery and the police’s search for David, who has gone missing. Sergeant John Miller, played by Chris Browning, joins the local police department’s efforts to find Julie and capture David; however, David has gone into hiding in his father’s cabin. Julie manages to track him down and enter the cabin, where a showdown ensues between the two.

In conclusion, Only Mine is a riveting thriller that highlights the dangers of abusive and controlling relationships. As an evergreen movie, it serves as a cautionary tale to audiences about the warning signs in relationships that can protect them from falling prey to abusive partners. From the strong acting and directing to its well-thought-out plot, Only Mine is a must-watch movie for thriller genre fans.

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