Do You Like Brahms? Drama Review: A Journey of Pursuing Dreams and Finding Love
Do You Like Brahms? Drama Review: A Journey of Pursuing Dreams and Finding Love

Do You Like Brahms? Drama Review: A Journey of Pursuing Dreams and Finding Love

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Do You Like Brahms? is a 2020 drama that revolves around the story of Song Ah, a young woman who dreams of becoming a successful violin player. Despite facing opposition from her family and challenges in her musical skills, she is determined to pursue her passion. The drama incorporates classical music into its narrative, adding depth and beauty to the storyline.

Song Ah’s journey to achieve her dreams takes an unexpected turn when she meets Joon Young, a talented young pianist. They form a connection that goes beyond their shared love for music. As they navigate their individual struggles and pursuit of their dreams, they also find themselves falling in love.

The director of Do You Like Brahms? is Jo Young Min, who expertly crafts a coming-of-age story that explores themes of resilience, perseverance, and the power of love. The main cast includes Park Eun Bin as Song Ah, Kim Min Jae as Joon Young, Park Ji Hyun as Kang Min Sung, and Kim Sung Cheol as Yoon Dong Yoon.

One of the main challenges faced by Song Ah is her late start in violin playing and the limited opportunities available to her at her age. However, she receives support from her friends, Kang Min Sung and Yoon Dong Yoon, who believe in her talent and encourage her to keep pursuing her dreams.

As the story unfolds, Joon Young joins the orchestra performance at their university’s 60th anniversary celebration. During the rehearsal, Song Ah encounters a humiliating experience when the conductor criticizes her playing. Joon Young witnesses her struggle and shows sympathy towards her, further strengthening their bond.

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Song Ah’s determination and talent are recognized when she is offered an internship at the prestigious Kyunghoo Cultural Foundation. This opportunity opens doors for her and brings her closer to achieving her dreams.

Meanwhile, complications arise in Song Ah’s personal life when Min Sung confesses that she still has feelings for Dong Yoon, despite their previous breakup. This adds another layer of complexity to Song Ah’s journey of self-discovery and finding love.

In conclusion, Do You Like Brahms? is a captivating drama that showcases the resilience and determination of pursuing one’s passion despite obstacles. It beautifully intertwines the worlds of classical music and love, creating a narrative that resonates with audiences. Through the characters of Song Ah and Joon Young, viewers are reminded of the power of dreams, the importance of support, and the potential for unexpected connections along the way.

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