Synopsis of Mili (2022) Movie: Survival or Death by Freezing
Synopsis of Mili (2022) Movie: Survival or Death by Freezing

Synopsis of Mili (2022) Movie: Survival or Death by Freezing

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Synopsis of Mili (2022) Movie: Survival or Death by Freezing

SEO Title: Mili (2022) Movie Synopsis: Survival or Death by Freezing

Mili (2022) is a movie about survival or death by freezing, directed by Mathukutty Xavier. It is a remake of the Malayalam film titled Helen (2019). Starring Janhvi Kapoor as Mili Naudiyal B.Sc, a nursing graduate struggling to get a perfect IELTS score to continue her education abroad.

Mili is a hardworking girl who works part-time at Doon’s Kitchen to support herself and her father, Niranjan Naudiyal (Manoj Pahwa), an insurance agent who is stubborn about his health. Mili warned her father to stop smoking and drinking alcohol, but he ignored her advice. Despite this, Mili maintained a good attitude towards her customers, except for Sameer Kumar (Sunny Kaushal), her boyfriend who often made her uncomfortable.

One night, Mili and Sameer were arrested by the police for driving without helmets. Sameer’s father asked him to come home to avoid getting into trouble, leaving Mili alone at Doon’s Kitchen. Mili intended to go home but found herself trapped inside the restaurant’s freezer. She tried many ways to get out but failed. The cold temperature in the freezer could freeze her to death. Mili desperately seeks help, but no one answered her.

The first subheading: Survival or Death by Freezing

Mili’s struggle to survive in the freezer is the main story of the movie. She began to panic as she realized her situation, fighting to stay alive. The cold temperature in the freezer endangered her life. Mili tried to tear down the freezer’s wall, but it was too thick. She took off her clothes to lessen the cold that she felt but it didn’t help much. The audience will be tense, wanting to see what Mili can do to get out.

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The second subheading: Exposed Police Arrogance in Responding to Missing Person Reports

The second story that the movie tells is about the police’s arrogance in responding to missing person reports in India. Mili’s father reported her missing, but the police ignored him. They took it for granted that Mili must have run away with her boyfriend. The father’s insistence that his daughter is a responsible and reputable person was ignored. The movie shows how the family who reported their missing child as well as Mili were ignored because of the police’s lack of concern.


Watching the Mili movie feels tense and emotional. It is a story of survival and how a person can fight for their life when they are alone, and no one can help them. The message that the movie tries to convey is that we must always appreciate our life because anything can happen at any time. The police’s portrayal in the movie may expose some of the problems found in the society, especially in how the police deal with missing person reports in India, showing us the importance of accountability and transparency.

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