Strongest Commanders of Kaido and Big Mom Revealed!
Strongest Commanders of Kaido and Big Mom Revealed!

Strongest Commanders of Kaido and Big Mom Revealed!

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At present, we have a clear idea of the strength of the three Calamities, the three commanders in Kaido’s group. We also have a clear idea of the strength of two of the three Sweet Commanders, the three commanders in Big Mom’s group. But who is stronger: the Sweet Commanders or the Calamities?

1. Jack vs. Cracker

Jack is the weakest Calamity in Kaido’s group, while Cracker is the Sweet Commander with the lowest bounty in Big Mom’s group. However, in terms of durability, stamina, and strength, I believe that Jack has the advantage over Cracker. As a Fishman who ate an Ancient Zoan fruit, Jack is naturally tough, with his physical strength further enhanced by his transformation. He was able to fight the Mink tribe for five days and was even able to survive an attack by Zunesha. Although defeated by Sulong Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, he was still able to recover and fight again on Onigashima Island.

On the other hand, while Cracker has shown impressive stamina against Luffy, he is very averse to pain and relies on his biscuit armor to protect himself. If he were to be protected by his biscuit soldiers and not weakened by water, Jack might have trouble defeating him. However, given Cracker’s current condition, he might fall first if he receives heavy attacks from Jack. In contrast, while Cracker may be able to hit Jack, his physical strength and biscuit army tactics may not be enough to take down Jack quickly.

2. Queen vs. Smoothie

Both Queen and Smoothie are positioned in the middle of their respective Yonko commander groups. However, I think Queen is stronger than Smoothie because we’ve seen more of his abilities and his physical strength. Queen has shown his infectious ice virus, great physical endurance, and his ability to imitate the Germa 66’s actions. Meanwhile, Smoothie hasn’t been highlighted as much, and not much is known about her abilities besides her Shibo Shibo no Mi fruit, which allows her to extract fluids from living creatures and objects.
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Although Smoothie has the potential to surprise Queen with her ability to absorb liquids and grow in size, we are yet to see the full extent of her power. Therefore, I think Queen would come out on top if the two were to fight.

3. Katakuri vs. King

Katakuri and King are both the second strongest in their respective groups and are considered the top commanders. Katakuri’s Kenbunshoku Haki combined with his Mochi Mochi fruit’s attack power makes him a formidable opponent, even for Luffy. King, on the other hand, possesses a formidable strength as a Pteranodon and the unique Lunarian race, which makes him almost impossible to injure when he is aflame.

In terms of power, it’s hard to say which one is stronger, as their abilities are very different. Katakuri seems to rely more on his Haki and devil fruit powers while King has a more physical approach. Therefore, I believe that Katakuri and King are on the same level when it comes to strength, and the outcome of their battle may depend on their strategy and tactics.

In conclusion, while it may be difficult to compare the strength of the Sweet Commanders and the Calamities, we can see that each commander has their strengths and weaknesses. It remains to be seen who will emerge victorious in a battle between these two formidable groups.

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