Synopsis of KinnPorsche: The Bold and Unique Thai BL Series
Synopsis of KinnPorsche: The Bold and Unique Thai BL Series

Synopsis of KinnPorsche: The Bold and Unique Thai BL Series

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KinnPorsche is a Thai BL series that is currently ongoing, captivating viewers with its unique and bold storyline. Unlike other film industries, Thai productions reveal their titles, brief synopsis, and cast long before the project gets completed, creating a lot of anticipation among viewers. The series has been highly anticipated, and it has not disappointed due to its mature theme, including action, violence, and psychological thriller.

The series is directed by Khom Kongkiat Khomsiri, Pepzi Banchorn Vorasataree, and Pond Krisda Witthayakhajorndet. The cast includes Mile Phakphum Romsaithong, Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat, Bible Wichapas Sumettikul, Build Jakapan Puttha, Jeff Worakamon Satur, and Barcode Tinnasit Isarapongporn.


The series’ story revolves around Kinn Anakinn Theerapanyakul, the second son of a Mafia group leader who has many enemies that want him dead. After Kinn killed one of Don’s employees, his betrayer, several people are dispatched to finish him off, which leads to a shooting on the streets.

Cornered and left alone, Kinn needs help; that is when he meets Porsche Pachara Kittisawasd, a bartender and college student. Kinn offers money to Porsche, and in turn, Porsche uses his martial arts skills to defeat the people chasing Kinn. Afterward, Kinn tells his father about Porsche, and due to his combat skills, Porsche is hired to become Kinn’s bodyguard.

Porsche agrees to the job under certain conditions: Kinn must settle his uncle’s debt and cover his sister’s tuition fees. Porsche becomes a member of the Theerapanyakul mafia family from then on, required to follow specific rules – stay at the mansion all the time, never go out unless on a mission, and do not carry a personal cell phone.

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Initially, Porsche isn’t motivated to be a “real” bodyguard since the Mafia routinely does immoral things, such as torturing or killing people. However, after creating trouble for the Theerapanyakul family, he decides to train himself to become a skilled bodyguard.

During their journey, many unexpected things happen, including the blossoming of love between Porsche and Kinn, which causes them to face new conflicts. Porsche wants to give up his job, but it is much harder than he expects. They are kidnapped by unwanted guests and hauled to the woods, where they struggle to survive while handcuffed. They become closer while talking about their childhood and their past.


In summary, the KinnPorsche series is unique, bold, and captivating. It’s a slice of Thai Bl that is worth watching due to its suspenseful storyline and unexpected romance. It has high production value, and the actors’ performances are excellent. With all these elements combined, this series is an excellent example of Thai BL that goes above and beyond typical romance storylines.

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