Synopsis of Hache Season 2: Helena Becomes a Mafia Boss
Synopsis of Hache Season 2: Helena Becomes a Mafia Boss

Synopsis of Hache Season 2: Helena Becomes a Mafia Boss

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Hache Season 2 continues the journey of Helena (Adriana Ugarte) in the criminal underworld with more thrilling action. Picking up where the first season ended, Helena is now living in Naples with Aristides (Marc Martinez), Camino, her daughter Tina (Joana Belmonte), and her infant son fathered by Malpica. However, the story begins with an opening scene of Helena now living in Naples after Malpica’s murder. She is now working for the Italian Mafia, which controls the drug trade there, under Luciano (Efrain Angles).
In this new season, directed by Jorge Torregrossa, Helena’s ambition prompts her to return to Barcelona to take over the inheritance left by Malpica, including the beach house, the cement factory, and the Albatros Club. With only six episodes, Hache Season 2 remains set in Barcelona in the 1960s, and features the same cast and production team, with Fernando Trullois assisting Torregrossa as co-director. In this synopsis and review, we will present the full story of Hache Season 2.

Helena’s New Beginning

Camino’s wedding took place at the beginning of the season. Julio Senovilla (Pep Ambros), Malpica’s lawyer, informs Helena that she is now the sole heiress of Malpica’s fortune in Barcelona, including the beach house, the cement factory, and the Albatros Club. Senovilla also reveals that a buyer is interested in purchasing Malpica’s cement factory, and they need Helena’s signature if she agrees to sell it. The news of Malpica’s inheritance is the beginning of Helena’s journey in the new season, and she decides to return to Barcelona to establish herself as the new boss.

Helena’s Rise to Power in Barcelona

Back in Barcelona, Helena establishes herself as the new boss at the Albatross. She promptly sets up a laboratory for heroin production, secures distribution channels, and manages her operatives. However, Helena realizes that rival bosses are constantly tailing her, pretending to be co-workers, but with hidden motives. Nonetheless, Helena outsmarts them, and her enemies soon realize that she is unbeatable.

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Hache Season 2 is complete and intricate, featuring intense scenes of treachery and opposition from Helena’s enemies, including Vinuesa. A new love interest, Ventura Montalban (Marcel Borras), enters the picture, and Helena reunites with her brother (Samuel Viyuela), who desires to help her but only ends up causing further chaos. As Helena’s right-hand man, Aristides gets entangled in a sticky case, landing him in jail. Despite all this, Helena remains determined to fight her way to the top and retain her power.


Hache Season 2 is an excellent continuation of the story of Helena’s rise to power, delivering the same level of excitement as the first season. With its intriguing plot, superb acting, and well-executed action sequences, Hache has cemented its place as one of the hottest series on Netflix. This season is laden with treachery and opposition, but nothing seems to stop Helena from achieving her goals, and she continues to be a strong character that audiences can relate to.

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