Synopsis of Decision to Leave: A Detective and Murderer Romance Story
Synopsis of Decision to Leave: A Detective and Murderer Romance Story

Synopsis of Decision to Leave: A Detective and Murderer Romance Story

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Decision to Leave is a 2022 South Korean movie directed by Park Chan Wook. The movie is a combination of Detective, Drama, Investigation, Melodrama, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, and Thriller genres that revolves around the life of Hae Jun (Park Hae Il), a police officer who is dealing with a murder case. He is assigned to investigate the death of a middle-aged man named Ki Do Soo who fell from a mountain while hiking. Do Soo’s wife, Seo Rae (Tang Wei), is called to the police station for further investigation. Hae Jun is taken aback by Seo Rae’s beauty and charm and begins to investigate the case while developing feelings for her.

The Murder Cases

Hae Jun is in a dilemma as he is juggling two murder cases. The first case involves the murder investigation of a teenager named San Oh. The second case is the investigation of the death of a wealthy businessman, Ki Do Soo. Hae Jun and his colleague, Soo Wan (Go Kyung Po), try to solve the cases and find the culprits.

The Love Story

As Hae Jun starts investigating the murder of Ki Do Soo, he calls Seo Rae to the police station for interrogation. Hae Jun is impressed and taken aback by Seo Rae’s beauty and elegance. He starts following her everywhere and trying to get closer to her. Seo Rae seems distant and unemotional towards the death of her husband, which makes Hae Jun suspicious of her.

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As their relationship develops, Hae Jun starts blurring the lines between personal and professional boundaries. He even starts to believe that the cause of Do Soo’s death was suicide. Seo Rae helps Hae Jun to catch San Oh, but he chooses to commit suicide by jumping off the building. Even though Hae Jun is affected by San Oh’s death, he continues his relationship with Seo Rae.


Decision to Leave is a movie that combines various genres, and the plot progresses smoothly, and the characters are well-portrayed. Park Chan Wook has directed the movie with a perfect balance of romance, suspense, and thrill. Tang Wei’s acting, beauty, and subtle mannerisms deliver a believable performance that attracts the audience’s attention. The chemistry between the lead actors and the way the romance pans out is well-executed. You can watch Decision to Leave to witness the melodramatic love story between a detective and a suspect.

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